Tips on How to Write a Great Admission Essay

College admission essays require a tremendous amount of work. Get into your preferred college/university using our short tips listed below.

Tips on How to Write a Great Admission Essay

The Admission Essay Definition

At school, you were taught how to write an academic essay. Once you chose the dreamed university or college, you need to focus on the application process. And now you need to learn what a college application essay or admission essay is.

The skills necessary to write a successful essay will give you a hand, but there are some peculiarities featuring a good admission essay you need to get acquainted with. In case you experience any difficulties in writing your admission essay, ask for a help of the following writing service to get a high-quality essay right away.

Tip #1. Know What the Essence of an Admission Essay Is

When applying for a college, students need to fit some requirements providing admission officers with three points including:

  • The coursework and GPA
  • Test score
  • Admission essay.

The third one is crucial for determining whether the student will be accepted or rejected. If you have got a low GPA or test score, the entrance essay may serve as a good opportunity to enhance your chances for a successful entry.

The thing is when you submit a college application essay it is stored together with the essays of hundreds of other people. So, how to make yourself stand out among other students? How to capture admission officers’ attention? How to explain how smart, genuine, unique you are without standing in front of the admission committee?

You need to make the people who will be reading your admission essay interested in your personality, educational goals, etc. and demonstrate that you are a good fit for the educational institution you are applying for. Also, you need to convince the admission board that you can bring something useful to the student and college life.

To make a positive impression on the admission board, you need to tell about yourself in 650 words. Describe shortly what your strong sides are and what sets you apart from other students.

The easiest way to demonstrate any person’s abilities, achievements, and beliefs is, perhaps, by telling some episode of his or her life. Reveal some story as a strong, specific example and add enough supporting details to portray yourself as a student possessing all the needed qualities for pursuing education. Remember to be as much concise as possible though.

Tip #2. Choose a Topic

Before you write the essay, you are given a list of questions/prompts/ideas/topics to choose from. Similarly to the situation with an academic essay, your preparation should begin with a brainstorm. The brainstorming stage may be even more time and effort-consuming than the writing part.

Brainstorming is not actually considered an obligatory point of the preparation process, but it can help to bring to light all the possible ideas if you are stuck on the topic.

Make sure you truly understand what you are asked about or take time to understand it. Think carefully about how the topic applies to you providing readers with trustworthy evidence. The topic you choose may be personal but avoid writing about trivial things like talking about summer camp experience, some other people’s achievements, your illnesses in the past, etc.

You do not necessarily need to come up with a lot of ideas. It is important to focus only on those of them that fit perfectly with the goals you set. Basically, the task is to present your ideas in the way that will be interesting to the college admissions board.

Tip # 3. Create an Outline

Even though an admission essay is slightly different from an academic essay, it still has the same structure. It should start with an introduction, continue with a thesis statement, a few body paragraphs, and finish with a conclusion. Once, you come up with your ideas, make an outline for the essay breaking it down into sections. Begin with some introduction phrase, question, citation, anecdote to catch the readers’ attention.

Tip #4. Find Your Own Writing Style

Now, you have to tell the outlined story. Plan the intonation and style of your essay to adhere to your ideas. Make sure it is coherent and easy to read. Remember to make a strong thesis statement and reveal every idea clearly and in detail but try not to overdo on detailization.

Start with the main idea continuing with less important ones. It is highly important when writing an admission essay that you write sticking to your own writing style. The admission officers can easily determine if a paper was plagiarized.

Also, avoid general phrases and try to be as specific as possible by revealing your own thoughts confirmed by facts and events taken from your life experience.

Tip #5. Revise, revise, revise

An inevitable step in writing any essay is proofreading. Don’t rely solely on online checking services which are able in most cases to indicate grammatical errors and typos. Entrust this task to people who know you well enough to give advice on the essay content. One more tip is to give yourself some time and oversleep on it to look at your paper with a fresh eye and correct mistakes.


Writing a college admissions essay is a difficult task that requires an applicant’s understanding of his goals and strong writing skills. Make sure you are well-prepared for writing a great essay by following the tips we are offering you.

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