Tips To Find The True Happiness In Your Life

Just like success, happiness is also a relative thing. The thing that makes you happy might be the same that annoys others. But, it is a fact that most of us seek that constant feeling of joy that nourishes us from within.


The process for finding that joy is similar to a sculptor chipping away the extra stones to get that perfect statue. One only needs to eliminate clutter in their life to get that lasting peace of mind.

It turns out that some common set of unhealthy habits and practices have made life really difficult for people. These habits may be the by-product of today’s fast-paced world. But if we can somehow sort these out, we can surely attain that eternal peace we always wanted.

1)    Stop Comparing Your Life with Others

Comparing your life with others is an act that instantly destroys happiness. There can only be two consequences when you indulge in comparing; inferiority complex or superiority complex. Both of them are bad as they give rise to feelings like hatred, jealousy, low self-esteem and anger. It is a truism that in order to reach full potential, a person should really focus on himself. 

You should learn to celebrate uniqueness as there is no other person like you on this planet. Celebrating one’s wonderfulness is a joy in itself.

2)    Avoid Eating Processed Foods

Our physicality has a lot to do with the happiness that wells from within. The instant high that junk foods give us diminishes within no time and ultimately makes us moody and fatigued. Besides these foods also weakens overall immunity of the body.

Start eating more leafy vegetables even if you don’t feel like it. Greens are rich in magnesium that play a significant role in mood upliftment. You will also get the essential vitamins and minerals for tremendously boosting your natural defence mechanism.

3)    Stop Making Excuses

“A man who is good at making excuses is good for nothing else.”  These are the words of late American Scientist and the outstanding statesman Benjamin Franklin. Every time we give excuses, we are throwing the responsibility on an external agency.  It means there will never be an opportunity where we can improve our faults. We stay the same and it creates a vicious circle of unhappiness and misery.

Start owning up to your fault each time and you will soon see a tremendous change happening inside you. Freedom arises as you won’t be depending on others. This is a great stepping stone to achieve long-lasting happiness.

4)    Avoid Procrastination

Delaying the work can only breed self-hatred and sadness. Only a few people are aware of the fact that procrastination and depression have a deep relationship. The pressure that gets built when we do not do the timely work is often massive. Procrastination can also lead to a lack of sleep which equally impacts mood as well as health. So it is quite apparent that in such a situation, no happiness can ever exist.

Do the necessary work even if you don’t feel like it. You will start seeing a significant improvement in the quality of sleep. The satisfaction of the work coupled with a good night sleep immensely boost the overall mood of a person.

5)    Be Yourself

People adopt the method of faking when they are not really happy with themselves. People also fake when they want to fit into a specific group. There is no greater stress than trying to be someone else. One should note that one can only find genuine happiness when they accept themselves whole-heartedly.

By accepting yourself, you will see all your faults clearly, which helps in eliminating them. Pursue some new hobbies or go out on a solo-trip to find that inner joy you always craved for.

6)    Quit Smoking

Most of the smokers resort to cigarettes to get that instant high feeling. Cigarette damages a person’s overall health due to the toxic chemicals present inside it. It contains nicotine (from tobacco) as the main constituent which is extremely addictive. The short term pleasure this chemical gives you should not be confused with real happiness. This substance makes you an addict by providing with the brief euphoria.

There are several Nicotine Replacement Therapies available today which effectively inhibits the craving for tobacco, by offering nicotine in minimal doses.

7)    Don’t be a Perfectionist

While being a perfectionist can earn you some accolades, it can never give you true happiness. Even though the feeling for self-improvement is good, aiming for perfection can create absolute chaos.

Our lives are full of ups and downs that need to be experienced with totality. The illusion for perfection can destroy not only happiness but also our relationships. Try giving your best shot in every work and not bother about the results. Also, learn to embrace imperfections as it has its own beauty.

8)    Curb Your Social Media Addiction

We are living in a world where we are surrounded by gadgets 24×7. Moreover, the novelty that social media provides us with keeps us in front of the screen more often than not. We are rarely noticing the rise of anxiety levels happening in us due to this social media.

Also, a constant feeling of envy is generated when we see the ‘highs’ of others through these social websites. Few people know that users can very cunningly decorate their lives in these social media according to their will.

Limit your time on social websites and see how it makes a difference in your overall mood. Spend more time outside in nature for getting that instant dose of joy.


Being joyful is our intrinsic nature and not something we have to strive really hard to get. Go ahead with these changes to see how beautiful your life can become. You will appreciate all the things in your life if that constant flame of happiness is burning within you.

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