Tips to prepare for carpet cleaning appointments

When you talk about real life, you are likely to be very busy. This is why it is important to take out time for anything you need to do. Be it carpet cleaning appointments or anything else, you need to schedule things for best results. No matter if you book an early morning appointment or a later day appointment, a professional carpet company will do their best to operate as per your schedule. A good carpet cleaning company will do their best to earn your trust and render reliable services. If you are in Edmonton, then Canada Clean Home is your one-stop solution to get your carpets and rugs cleaned. Hire the Edmonton carpet cleaning services to get best results for your carpets.

How to prepare for a cleaning appointment?

One or two days before the appointment, you will get a call from the company to confirm the details such as your address and order. If you have any queries, then you should ask them right then and there.

Before the arrival of the cleaning team:

Pre-vacuum: Carpets collect a lot of dirt, debris, dust particles and hair. Just like you would sweep or vacuum the floor before mopping, you can vacuum your carpets before getting them cleaned. It makes a big difference in the end result.

Prepare the area: Remove all the plants, lamps, removable furnishings and breakable before the arrival of the team and make sure that the area to be cleaned doesn’t have anything scattered on the floor. 

Furniture: The furniture such as chairs, sofa and tables will be removed by the team. However, beds which aren’t on rollers or oversize furniture are not removable. The team endeavors their best to clean around and below anything which cannot be removed with extensions.

Pets: There are some pre-requisites if you have pets at home

  • The door of your premises will be half open all through the procedure. Hence, it is important to keep your pet tied so that they may not escape.
  • The equipment used by the experts may be loud for your friends. So, make sure they don’t enter the room.
  • The cleaning products and equipment may be hazardous to them, so you should keep your pets away from the cleaning area.

Keep your pet contained in an area till the time the appointment is going on.

Regular maintenance

Right after cleaning: Walk cautiously on freshly cleaned carpets as they may be slipper. Wear non-slip slippers to avoid it.

Airflow: Once the carpet or upholstery is cleaned, make sure there is proper airflow and temperature in the house to aid the drying process. Turn on the fans and open windows for proper ventilation. 

Spots and stains: If there is any spot or stain on your carpet or upholstery, then professional cleaning is recommended. Do not use any DIY method for it. 

In case you have any problems with the outcome of the cleaning, after the carpet is thoroughly dried, you can contact the carpet cleaning agency for help.

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