What to look for in patio doors for your house in Canada?

Patio doors are usually present on the back of your house or to a side which is not exposed too much to major street. It means that apart from offering light and air to the house, these doors also render an additional security to your place. So, why not pick the best patio door for your house that doesn’t just serves its function but complements the aesthetics of your home! With plethora of door colors, materials, styles, designs and textures available in the market, selecting the right patio door can be hard and dicey. Hence, here is a complete guide that you should consider when choosing your patio door:

Consider space

The first point to keep in mind is to check the space availability you have in your room where you want to install the patio door. Consider how much space you can use and then select the door style. Some doors like swinging and French doors need additional space to open, while other doors such as pocket and sliding doors do not need extra space.

Consider style

Some common varieties of patio doors comprise swinging or hinged, sliding, folding and French doors. Sliding doors are regarded as the best option for patios as they render a clearer and obstructed view of the outside, offering a broader access and classy look at the same time. Conventional houses still have swinging, folding or French doors. Though the style needs additional space to swing open they offer a lot of customization options.

Consider material

The material of the patio door has a vital role in choosing the safety, durability and aesthetic appeal of the door. A lot of homeowners consider choosing wooden doors as they are classy and elegant. But, it is difficult to maintain wooden doors and they are also costly in comparison to other materials. On the other hand, fiberglass and vinyl materials mimic the wooden door look and demand less maintenance. Both the materials are light in weight, long lasting, rust and weather resistant. Another material option for patio doors is aluminum. They are treated with anti-corrosion chemicals to last for a long time.

Consider glass

Glass panels are of grave importance for your patio doors. Right from choose decorative to clear glass, blinds to flat surfaces, you can select and customize your doors as per your choice. Decorative glass such as washed, tinted or painted glass offers security from the passersby and enhances the beauty of your home. While clear glasses are usually preferred by people, you should choose a low E-glass. These glasses prevent your furniture and other house assets from fading and keep your utility bills low.

Some other factors to keep in mind are door locks, future maintenance, weather stripping as well as color. If you find it tough to pick the right patio door for you, you can consult the experts at Window Mart. They will give you the guidance for selecting, installing and future maintenance of the doors.


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