Top 10 Highest Paying Programming Languages to Learn by Popularity

These days, Software programming is one of the most famous career choices among tech-savvies. The demand for and use of programming languages presents a higher trend, making it a possible career option. As the new modern-era programming languages are entered, the software developers are rushing toward upskilling themselves to get good salaries. We have assembled a list of the highest paying programming languages based on several studies and statistics, which will help you choose the best and highest-paid language for you.

Top 10 Highest Paying Programming Languages

According to the recent survey by Stack Overflow, it has revealed the top 10 highest paying programming languages of 2020. The survey declared that “Perl, Scala, and Go are the most sought-after engineers on the market and tend to have handsome salaries. Now let’s take a look at the rank-wise list of programming languages:-


Perl is considered a general-purpose and dynamic programming language, invented as a Unix scripting language used to make report processing easier and for text administration. But Now, this language is utilized for other chores like system management, network programming, GUI development, web development, etc. Perl is also known as one of the most powerful languages that acquire features from various programming languages like C and shell script.

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The syntax of this language is similar to C. Pearl occupies the 1st position in the list. Perl programming developers have an average salary of $76,000 in 2020, making it the world’s highest-paying programming language.


Scala occupies the 2nd position in the list. Developers with Scala skills are offered an average salary of 150K $. Scala is considered a general-purpose programming language that combines object-oriented and functional programming into a unique high-level language. Scala has a powerful static type system that helps to avoid faults in composite applications. Moreover, its JavaScript and JVM runtimes allow you to build high-performance systems that are easily accessible to libraries’ huge ecosystems.

Benefits of Scala Language:

  • Designed to be concise;
  • Extremely scalable;
  • Scala is straightforward to study for object-oriented programmers;

One of Scala’s advantages is immutability, which implies evading faults and allowing identical processing.


Go is considered a compiled programming language produced by Google, which was launched in November 2009. this language consists of an open-source platform that is actively used in various organizations and several popular world-class services for projects.

In the past few years, This language has gained more popularity because of its multiple advantages like dynamic processing of parallel processes, quick start-up time, and memory utilization only when necessary. Go programming Developers are offered an average salary of $74k by the best software companies globally.


The Objective-C programming language is basically used to generate apps in the Apple organization: for Mac OS X and iOS. The Objective-C language is still most prevalent among developers.

Moreover, its association with Apple provides you more opportunities to get a job quickly and at a high-income level.

Objective-C is one of the most popular programming skills for employers; they take an average salary of $64k.


The IT-company JetBrains developed the Kotlin programming language that has become the official development language for Android. Kotlin language was officially declared in the year 2017 at the Google I/O conference. Kotlin is a fast developing language that has several advantages. Few of them are:

  • simple to learn and laconic syntax;
  • complete adaptability with Java;
  • assistance from Google;

It has been observed that someday the Android devices will be written particularly using Kotlin. Therefore those wanting to grow in the mobile development direction are recommended to learn this language.

Ruby (on Rails)

The ruby language has gained the most popularity as a mechanism for generating Web applications, and it was mainly used for creating the server part of various famous global services. You can usually find it in all classes of ratings and lists with suggestions for studying.

The Ruby developer’s nationwide salary on Rails is $91K in the US, whereas India’s developer pays nearly 80K.


An organization of Microsoft engineers developed language C# to generate apps on the .NET platform. If you aim to gain experience in primary apps creation under MS, C # is the best language. One of its main advantages is its relative simplicity. Nowadays, This general-purpose programming language is used to generate lots of various apps from small applications to large network gateways and web services that help numerous users every day.


 C# is the most in-demand programming skill for employers to pay an average salary of $81,999 in the US. While in India, the average salary is ? 646,535.


Python is the most strong programming language which is widely used for arithmetical computations, data interpretation, task automation, web extension, and machine learning. It was also used in producing these popular apps like Youtube, Dropbox, and Google.


 As per research, The python developer’s national average salary is $79,395. Whereas in India, it is ? 755,012.


Java is another popular option in large corporations and has been so for decades. It is used to generate highly functional programs and platforms. This class-based, object-oriented programming language is easily adaptable and possesses a good security level, and it also does not need particular hardware support. Developers adapt Java language because it is the best language to develop Android Apps.


Developers with Java programming skills take an average salary of $85,086 in the US, While in India, it is? 709,387. Making it the world’s highest-paying programming.


Swift has secured the 10th rank in this list of highest-paying programming languages. Swift is a robust and automatic programming language developed by Apple for macOS, iOS, etc. Writing this language is interactive and fun due to its short syntax. Swift has replaced Objective-C as the primary language for applications related to Apple due to its versatility. It is easier to design the code in Swift, which builds software that runs lightning-fast. Further, since Apple adapts Swift, it rises the demand for this language. The programming language presents many opportunities for new programmers, allowing them to make it important in the world of app development.


Swift developer nationwide average salary is $97,271 in the US, while in India, it is? 585,671.


Lack of experience and incomplete knowledge is still one of the biggest problems in the market. Knowledge of the programming language discussed above and enough work experience offers great opportunities for experts. Moreover, it is not essential to be confined to one language. You should expand your knowledge in several areas by learning new languages. If you expect a high salary, you just need to acquire high knowledge and have a better understanding of coding skills. If you need any assignments and homework during your IT academic, you can get by searching for programming assignments online.

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