Top 5 Security Tips To Keep Your WordPress Website Secure

You might be thinking, another WordPress security article? How many times should you read security articles and strategies on how to keep your WordPress powered website secure? The answer is, as many as you can.

Top 5 Security Tips To Keep Your WordPress Website Secure

WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world and the more popular something is, the more eyes it attracts. In the case of WordPress, it attracts the eyes of hackers and malicious software since according to Venture Beat, WordPress is known to power more than 30 percent of all websites.

In order to keep WordPress secure, you must follow the techniques I have outlined below. They are designed to help make your WordPress website more secure with the least amount of effort. So without further ado, let’s get cracking. 

Choose a Good Hosting Provider

This fact cannot be stressed enough that is why I am making it the first point to notice. With a WordPress website, you need a good hosting provider. But that is where it gets complicated. One Google search will show you hundreds of hosting providers promising the best performance and security for your WordPress powered website. But do they deliver? Nop. 

That is what I will clarify for you. A good managed WordPress hosting provider is more than just conventional hosting, it should offer more than you ever thought and it should do it keeping in mind how important your website really is. Hardly any hosting provider will do that.

The second thing to consider is that nowadays, with WordPress websites getting bigger and bigger, conventional hosting won’t cut it. You need Managed hosting platforms that give you peace instead of having you run around in circles thinking of how it works and the security issues that come with it. 

Frankly, there is too much technical stuff happening in the background and only a managed hosting provider will help you forget that and indeed, you can then focus on your website only. Is there a hosting provider that has been tried and tested? Yes, sir. Check out Cloudways. It is my personal recommendation, you won’t be disappointed. 

With cloudways you get more than you pay for, there are security protocols that are second to none, dedicated servers and other features that are too long to list. So check out Cloudways and sign up now. 

Install Security Plugins

Installing a good security plugin is essential since WordPress is, as we have discussed, prone to attacks that could sabotage your entire website. There are hundreds of security plugins available but that depends on what sort of security you want. There are plugins that feature only a few options of security, yet there are some that offer complete security solutions. 

My advice is that you opt for a paid security plugin and a plugin that comes from a known source so you know you are getting your money’s worth. Also, it is important to see if that plugin is regularly updated with the latest security patches designed to keep your WordPress website as secure as possible. 

Security plugins are everywhere, but after installing one, what is the next step towards making sure that it is working? Simple, go to an online website that would scan your WordPress website to see if there are any security concerns. One of the best websites that I can recommend is, a website that scans your WordPress website in the best way possible to help you filter out security issues. 

Just visit the website, put in your website’s address. 

Install SSL Certificate

Crucial for you if you are running an ecommerce website on WordPress. No one wants their important transactional data being tampered with, so installing an SSL certificate is very important for your ecommerce website. 

As users visit your website, they are always concerned about disclosing their important, private information with you. One of the best ways to make transactions smoother and more secure is by making sure your ecommerce website has an SSL certificate installed with it. 

By using an SSL certificate, all the information that takes place between your customer and your website is encrypted, therefore removing the ability for hackers to steal that data. Usually, installing SSL is quite pricey even for seasoned users, but I will help you eliminate that price. 

How? Get an account with Cloudways. With Cloudways, along with website migration, installation of SSL certificate is absolutely Free. So along with commendable security for your account, you are also getting the essential security features you need at zero cost. 

Update Your WordPress Version to the Latest

Updating your WordPress version is also important in maintaining security for your website. With WordPress being the most popular content management system ever, it is prone to attacks and the ever-growing community is always hard at work to find security flaws and rectify them too. 

All you need to do is log in to your panel and on the side menu, right under Home there is an option for Updates. Click it and you will be taken to the menu that shows you if there is a new version for the software itself, the plugins or any other extensions you might be using. If there are updates available, just update them and you are safe. 

By updating just the WordPress core software is never enough. You also need to make sure whatever theme you are using, as well as the plugins and extensions you are using, are always updated since they too contain new security patches that could save you from a lot of trouble. 

Use Two-Factor Authentications

Last but not least, using Two-Factor Authentication is always a great way towards making sure your WordPress powered website is as safe as possible. It is a module that not only helps prevent hackers from logging into your account by adding more layers of security but also sends you notifications whenever you or anyone logs into your account.

This is helpful in knowing if anyone is trying to log into your WordPress website and you can take measures to avoid more problems. A cool feature that uses the Google Authenticator app to see if it is really you who accessed the website. 

You can even install a Google Authenticator plugin on your WordPress website to make it even easier. It only takes a few clicks to do so. 


So there you have it. 5 top security tips to help keep your WordPress powered website secure. It is no news that WordPress comes with its issues that should be addressed to not only minimize but eliminate any attempts of security flaws. 

But as good as developers are, hackers keep trying new ways of making sure they get into your website and steal valuable information. I hope the mentioned tips proved to be useful. If you think I have missed out on a tip that should have been included, please let me know, I would love to know your opinion. 

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