Top Features that Make Magento the Best Choice for eCommerce

There is no denying the immense competition in the e-commerce scenario. Due to the wide scope and ample opportunities for lucrative profits, more people are looking forward to starting an e-commerce business. As new players keep joining the league, it is high time that e-commerce business owners should look forward to adopting new methods and strategies to upscale the respective businesses. If you wish to outshine in the e-commerce domain, you can consider making use of the innovative Magento platform. There are several reasons to go for Magento as your e-commerce platform. In this post, we will help you unravel all the important features of Magento that make it a highly sought-after platform for the e-commerce business owners.

Magento eCommerce Development

What is Magento?

Owned by Adobe, Magento is a leading e-commerce platform development company that provides free, open-source eCommerce web development solutions for the retail stores on the online platform. If you wish to run a successful e-commerce store for yourself, Magento will truly serve as the ultimate e-commerce solution. As it is an open-source software solution, you can use the platform for free and edit the same as per your unique web development requirements. When you make use of Magento, you are provided with multiple options for customizations including plugins, templates, and so more.

The Magento e-commerce platform is also capable of driving maximum customer engagement along with generating more sales and increasing the overall conversion rates. The main advantage of Magento is that it provides a set of attractive web development features –right from marketing features to SEO, customer segmentation, and so more.

Top Features of Magento E-commerce Web Development Platform

The Magento web development platform is known for its comprehensive range of features that you would require for designing an interactive, feature-rich e-commerce web platform. Here are some of the top-class Magento features that you should know about:

  • Catalog Management: Whether you are promoting clothing, accessories, beauty products, or electronics on the e-commerce platform, the catalog present on the online portal is the main component of any e-commerce store. When it comes to effective catalog management, Magento is known to provide tons of features. Some of the features include:
  • Supporting virtual products
  • Allowing the download of digital products including videos, audio files, PDFs, and so more
  • Editing and deleting product reviews effortlessly
  • A complete range of inventory management
  • Offline batch updates of import as well as export products
  • Attribute sets for the instant creation of products of different types
  • Rich set of customizable options including watermarking and resizing
  • RSS Feeds
  • Effective Tools for Advertising & Marketing: Magento is not only capable of handling your e-store effortlessly, it also helps with effective tools for e-commerce marketing and advertising of the products and services of your business. Magento provides multiple tools to make overall marketing easier and hassle-free. Some of the advanced features in this category are:
  • Cross-selling products
  • The option of distributing lucrative coupon codes across newsletter, email, and even offline mode
  • Promotional pricing limited to specific products or categories
  • Managing newsletters, monitoring coupon usage, and polls
  • Allowing price variation on the basis of groups and quantity
  • Providing free shipping and promoting new products list
  • Specific tools for landing pages including PPC tools, URL tools, and promotional tools for new products
  • Fully SEO-Optimized: The Magento platform is known to feature a wide range of options for making search engine optimization efficient for your online store. Some of the SEO-oriented features of Magento include:
  • Generating Google Sitemaps
  • Sorting popular searches automatically
  • Supporting URLs that are search engine friendly
  • Easy to use meta-tag information and products
  • Faster options for loading like minimized utilization of .jss and .css files
  • Mobile-friendly Commerce Store: This turns out to be one of the coolest features of the Magento web development platform. This feature allows the users to browse through the e-commerce store or products catalog –especially customized for mobile users. Some specific mobile-friendly features of Magento web development include:
  • User-friendly, clear product display
  • Advanced HTML5 technology for creating mobile-friendly e-commerce stores
  • Open for multiple browsers including Android, iPhone, and Mobile Opera
  • Providing support to media files like video and audio
  • Zooming, swiping, and multi-touching features
  • Allowing the users to drag & drop
  • Effective Order Management: Magento web development platform is known to provide unparalleled order management system of the e-commerce store. Using the same, the users have the option to make use of attractive features including:
  • Creating, viewing, editing, and fulfilling the respective orders easily from the admin panel of the store
  • A full range of customer call center support for product change and configuration
  • Allowing the creation of more than one invoice, credit memos, and shipment memos for every order
  • Printing invoices, shipping labels, and packaging slips
  • RSS feed, email notification for new orders
  • Full-end Site Management: Magento is a great web design and development platform taking into care effective site management. It allows web developers to control multiple e-stores and websites with the help of a single-step installation. Some of the features include:
  • Controlling sites from the admin panel and sharing required information only
  • A wide range of templates with designs that can be fully customized
  • Options for multiple currencies and languages
  • Effective integration between Magento & other third-party apps
  • Lucrative tax rates on the basis of product type, group, and location
  • Captcha-enabled e-commerce stores

In addition to the wide range of lucrative features offered by Magento eCommerce web development, it also provides the assurance of bespoke user experience while accessing the particular e-commerce store. Providing a powerful set of tools and features for ensuring the overall ease of updating and managing online orders Magento is a highly popular option when it comes to designing attractive, feature-rich e-commerce stores. Make the most of it now!

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