Top Paid Android Apps

Though there are various free android apps, the paid apps offer the users an experience that is much more personalized, efficient and advanced. Hence many people are exploring the option of buying android apps. This article explores the top paid android apps amongst the innumerable ones available for purchase.

1: SuperGNES:

At USD 3.99 this Nintendo emulator is a favorite amongst gamers. You can play your favorite games by just browsing.  It offers the fastest play possible on Android phones.  It is definitely one of the top paid android apps for all gamers.

Top Paid Android Apps SuperGNES

2: Ultimate Guitar Tabs and Cords:

At USD 2.99 this is one amongst the top paid android apps for all musicians. It is the mobile version of the collection of the tabs and cords and is popular amongst guitarists of any level.

Top Paid Android Apps Ultimate Guitar Tabs and Chords

3: Beautiful Widgets Pro:

This is the best app to personalize your home screen with your widgets. With colorful layouts and animation it just has to be featured on our top paid android apps. It allows you to place your various widgets in a highly personalized manner.

Top Paid Android Apps Beautiful Widgets Pro

4: Office Suite 7 pro:

At his is the highest rated business app on android. It allows you to edit, create and read with Microsoft word, power point and is also PDF compatible. With this app it is easy to work on the go conserving time for convenient business. This easily makes it to the top paid android apps.

Top Paid Android Apps Office Suite 7 pro

5: Camera ZOOM FX:

This is one of the best apps as per the user reviews. It is one amongst the top paid android apps because of the amazing features it brings with it. It has the fastest camera with stable mood, voice activation and so on.

Top Paid Android Apps Camera ZOOM FX

6: Swype Keyboard:

At USD 3.99 this has the record to deliver the fastest message typing. Highly sensitive to touch and extremely accurate prediction this app makes texting much easier. It is easily amongst the top paid android app for a better experience of your smart phone.

Top Paid Android Apps swype keyboard

7: Runtastic PRO:

At USD 5.66 Runtastic is the best running app that is out there.  Taking fitness to another level this app helps you enjoy getting fit. It is the top paid android app for the fitness freak in you.

Top Paid Android Apps Runtastic PRO

8: TuneIn radio Pro:

At USD 3.99 this app is the top paid android app for keeping yourself updated. This app brings to you the best in music, news, sports, radio station talks and much more. For the entertainment factor this is the best app indeed.

Top Paid Android Apps TuneIn radio Pro

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