Topless Katie Price Seen In Club Toilet

A topless Katie Price was seen walking around wearing just a dark thong inside the toilet of a club. The sexy model had been invited as a host of a Christmas party on the night of Monday.

Topless Katie Price

Topless in club toilet

The busty model was completely topless in club toilet and almost naked except for the black thong.

But, the video of the incident was obtained by a famous newspaper. Katie Price was seen in the video stumbling all over. Then, she lifted the dress she was wearing, and revealed her naked boobs.

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The 38 year old celebrity had been paid 13,000 Pounds to attend the event.

Katie Price naked in Club Toilet

Enhanced Assets

Katie price exposed her enhanced assets while she was filmed by a reveler in the toilet. The enhancement has been carried out recently.

Topless Katie Price Video

A bizarre speech followed the exposure which pertained to Dane Bowers who is supposedly the love of her life. The bash was held at the IPRO Stadium in the Derby County.

Katie Price and Dane Bowers had been till 2000. There was an ugly split between the couple.

Demands of Refund

However, the same newspaper that released her video, reported that the MD, Jason Rowan had seen the celebrity demands for refund of the money paid to her. This was the personal appearance fee that had been given to Katie Price.

The MD stated that she was a drunk and wasn’t even able to stand on her own feet towards the end of event at night.

Further accusations

Mr. Rowan levelled further accusations at the celebrity. He claimed that Katie grabbed his crotch from under the table. She also asked his wife whether he was going to make love to her or Katie that night.

She also used very bad language for Mr. Rowan’s daughter who was a teenager. Later, she climbed the stage and called his guests with weird insulting names.

Katie Price also allegedly screamed that she had earned the money paid to her since she had allowed just about everyone to pose for a picture with her.

As yet, there has been no comment from Katie Price regarding the incident.

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