6 Unique Apps You’ve Never Heard Of

Of course, there are some amazing apps out on the Play Store to do your bidding. If they are not already there, then you can bet your money and dreams that someone is cooking…coding it as you read this. But this still begs the question, what are the best apps to try on your device? Well, let us tell you some of the bests in this article!

Unique android apps

Just a Line

This app incorporates the cutting-edge technology of augmented reality. The user gets to draw and see the creation transform to augment reality. This is a Google Creative Lab aimed at being the first “cross-platform collaborative AR app for doodling”. It is based on the previous experiments with open source ARCore. The app lets the user draw anything in augmented reality. The lines so drawn can be viewed in a 3d space. The tracking by the app is also remarkable, making it an amazing experience using it.

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Mematic – The Meme Maker

Social media and such other apps are flooding with Memes. Meme makers are too spontaneous that they quickly generate hundreds of memes on any event takes place. There are tons of Meme Creator Apps that help them to do so and make everyone laugh. This Meme Generator gives you a creative insight to make the best ever memes through adding captions and pictures.

It has loads of eye-catching designs and templates that compels everyone to laugh aloud. The app offers you to upload the meme on social media and apps like Facebook, Tumblr, Reddit, Imgur, etc right from the Meme Generator app itself.

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Dream Lab

The app, developed by Vodafone Foundation, is created to set a precedent and make a change in the lives of people. It is known that smartphones of the current day are extremely powerful. Every time the phone is idle, this power goes unused. Dream Lab takes inspiration from this and converts the idle time to fast track cancer research. There is no worry of battery draining as the app only works when the device is plugged in for charging.

All a user has to do upon installing the app is to choose a project they wish to support and specify if they want the app to consume mobile or WiFi data. In the user’s idle times, the device downloads the problems from the cloud to calculate and send the results back to the team. Isn’t technology marvelous!

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Logically – News Powered by AI

As the name announces, this app is for reading news. The news articles are categorized based on Positive, Negative and Balanced outlook which in turn helps the reader decide on how to grade the news item according to the outlook mentioned. It is currently central to news from Indian outlets and is used to curate releases from the same.

The AI powering the app also creates a timeline of the news, so that the reader is greeted with the news in a chronological manner. Further, the app also provides a summary of the facts, contextual information on key players, and analysis of how the publishers and the media have framed the story’s narratives and so on. Clearly, this sounds like a great implementation of artificial intelligence!

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Tor Browser

In this day of privacy issues, every person relying on technology to get them through the day has heard of the onion proxy, or Tor. Now, they have an internet browser as well! As expected, the browser comes integrated with the Tor router and allows the user to use the internet without being tracked. Tor is much more efficient at hiding a user’s IP address between several layers, or, nodes, thereby being a better option than other VPNs.

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Mubert is a music app that is powered by artificial intelligence to generate music. It is the pioneer in the genre of “Generative music”. The app literally generates music based on each listener. This is made possible with the AI and the huge database of human-generated sounds catering to different moods and genres. The user gets their say by clicking the like or dislike button which trains the AI in reporting better results. Currently, this app is the first of its kind.

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