United Airlines Causes Frustration at DIA because of System Glitch

The mix up and delay of the United Airlines has become the most important and unbelievable news of today. Considering the fact the things you need to know about the United Airlines reservation-system glitch that causes the delay of about 400,000 passengers on Wednesday.

United Airlines Causes Frustration at DIA because of System Glitch


If you take a look at the facts of all the drama,the reservation system is more than what you think of actually is. The most important thing all airline reservation systems are not completely the same.

The scenario came through as United Airlines system failure was grounded flights across the country for straight about two hours this Wednesday morning counting in Denver making travelers irritated and in the making of long customer service lines. According to the Media:

“The official sources says that after all this drama and panic All United has had to say after nearly two-hour postpone that grounded 4,900 flights worldwide and produced big interruptions in United hubs in Chicago, Denver and Houston is that they are recovering from a network connectivity issue this morning and restoring regular flight operations.”

The airline is blaming the router malfunction and saying that they couldn’t do anything as it take time to repair and the incident was just a bad luck but it wouldn’t elaborate the long delay and absence of proper administration.The extent of that grounding was 40 minutes.

According to the top U.S. law administration and security representatives, it didn’t satisfy any link with the outage at the New York Stock Exchange and the provisional breakdown of the Wall Street Journal’s website.

Reservation systems book your flight, but they also do a great deal more. Airlines use them to track maintenance schedules, for pilot and flight attendant y which your flight is scheduled, gate assignments were made and aircraft movement was managed to be indisputable there are any chance of trouble planes at those gates.

This was a horrific incident for the company and has also effect its market and economic value but most importantly this failure triggered prevalent delays on United flights at Denver International Airport which assists as a hub for the carrier.

Because of this United canceled four mainline flights and 55 of its United Express flights across the country in short more than 800 flights were delayed.

By now FAA has lifted the grounding prohibition on all United Airline flights but still it cause a huge disturbance for business travelers.

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