Vin Diesel Gets Emotional at Teen Choice Awards

The action and racing hero Paul Walker was never forgotten after his death and as a proof of that his close friend and co-star paid a big honor and tribute to the great actor and admired his daughter Meadow, as they entered on the stage with the rest of the Fast & Furious crew. They not only remember their partner Paul but also took the Choice Movie: Action award with them.

Vin Diesel Gets emotional at Teen Choice Awards

The crowd welcomed and cheered when the Fast & Furious crew appeared on the stage. Clearly narrating the scene Diesel stand alongside costars Ludacris, Jordana Brewster and Michelle Rodriguez, and said.

“I never forget what a great actor he was. I can’t stand here and be pleased like this devoid of talking about an important person who is very, very, very significant in our life. I consider it best blessings in all of our lives that we have the chance to call Pablo our brother. Paul Walker never left us; he is here in spirit with us.”

The social media and social circle is scrambling with the news of Vin Diesel paying tribute to Paul Walker and his beloved daughter Meadow Walker at the 2015 Teen Choice Awards last Sunday.

It was a dramatic scene, when the announcement that Furious 7 won Choice Movie: Action/Adventure award the camera was focused on Diesel sitting in the audience looking down with his head bowed.

After a minute pause he then moves towards the stage with co-stars Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, and Ludacris, who was also hosting.

According to a press statement made by Diesel:

Tonight is a very special night as we all are missing Paul. This was a very exceptional movie for us to create. The point at which you all voted for this movie make us feels very proud.

We make these movies with these hearts. We truly become a family long time ago and my kids mention Luda as Uncle Luda and this is earned as true, true family.

This is a Teen Choice Award but in all these beautiful teens there is only one teen in the viewers who is a part of our family that always kept us going especially after Paul death.

Diesel mentioned her name as Meadow Walker and he loves all of them but she is definitely special. We are truly going to miss Paul Walker as no one can replace him and we will always, always love you Paul.

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