How to Save on Energy When Using Your Air Conditioner

Most people turn to their air conditioners for relief when the temperature rises. However, as the AC cools the air to a soothing level, it could also hike up your energy bill. Running a medium-sized wall mounted air conditioner could cost $400 to $550 per year. It may go even higher nowadays as people are encouraged to stay indoors more.

wall mounted air conditioner

However, you can find ways to stay safe inside your house and not be burdened with a huge bill. Here are a few tips that can help you save energy when using your AC.


  • Finding the Right Size


The first step is using the right-sized AC unit for your space. An underpowered unit would need to run longer and work harder to reach or maintain the set temperature. Not only will this consume more energy, but it would also lead to the premature failure of the unit itself.

Likewise, an overpowered AC unit would need to run shorter cycles to reach and maintain temperature levels. While this would cool the room faster, it would leave you with humid indoor air. The frequent starts and stops of the motor also increase running costs and accelerate the deterioration of the system.


  • Looking for the Star Rating 


When looking for an AC unit, consider the star rating. It indicates how efficient a model is. The higher the stars, the less power it consumes in cooling a space. A “zoned” rating label is currently being rolled out, which says how well a model would perform in different parts of the country. 


  • Using the Optimal Setting 


When finding the optimal setting, do not deviate too much from the outside temperature. It might be tempting to set the AC to 21 degrees when the temperature outside is at the high 30s, but this will make your wall mounted air conditioner work too hard. The general rule is to stay within eight to ten degrees of the outside temperature. Every degree of cooling you can live without would save you a lot on energy costs.


  • Shading Your Home   


During the warmer months, keeping the sun out would do wonders for your energy bill. Draw your curtains or blinds to prevent too much heat from getting in and causing temperature fluctuations inside your house. You could also install artificial shading like pergolas or awnings. It would help your AC unit work under a more stable condition and lessen the load.


  • Using the Energy-Efficient Setting


Most air conditioner brands today have an energy-efficient setting or economy mode. In some models, the AC runs 2 degrees higher than the temperature you set but compensates by increasing the fan speed. You would probably not feel the difference, but it would lighten the load on the compressor, which consumes the most energy in your AC unit. Other wall mounted air conditioner models use sensors that can detect when no one is in the room then adjusts the cooling accordingly. 

It was not so long ago that cool, comfortable indoor air came with a prohibitive price tag. The air conditioner units were expensive, and energy cost onerous. Innovations in technology have made them more affordable and energy-efficient. With sensible use, you could cut energy costs even more and turn air conditioners from a luxury into an essential feature in every household. 

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