We Create, We Preserve, It Destructs

Eye yoga

Eye yoga

The ‘trimurti’, a cosmic power spectrum that consists of the creator, the preserver and the destroyer, is a concept that has been known to mankind since the beginning of time. Today, our world is like an industrial era that’s amped up on tech steroids. The ample amount of digitization and the profound new syntax of coding, has led to the global recognition of digitization.

As the title suggests, a careful analysis of our exemplary creation i.e. digitization, is something that we’ve all come to depend on to the highest degree. We created a tool so essential for our everyday life that today, every second of every day is spent on some kind of screen. Be it social media for our laughs and giggles, news apps for the people on the run, Kindle tabs for a more enhanced reading experience, apps for convenient online paying or even simple navigation for taxi/cab oriented apps.

The creation of digitization is a bountiful one, one we never thought would give us any reason to complain; or so we thought. There is no doubt on the ample aid and convenience that technology has provided us with but along with these pros comes a few cons which can invariably be dangerous.

The primary focus that one should have in terms of the digital age is the destruction it seemingly causes. One that probably goes unnoticed by the majority of people. Of course the use of digitization has led to a drastic rate of lethargy and to some extent a loss in quick thinking due to the constant rate of images flooding over a screen rapidly. But one of the most destructive effects of digitization is the modern day epidemic of eye issues.
On an average, 16-45 year olds, globally, spend a good 418 minutes on a screen a day.

Eye yoga

Eye yoga

This is an alarming rate as it comes up to just 2 minutes short of 7 hours a day. A major concern for the eyes in terms of digitization is the emission of “blue light” which can not only cause damage to the retina tissue but also cause disturbance to the circadian cycle i.e. the sleep- wake cycle. Another key eye disorder that is rising is the problem of short sightedness especially in young children around the world. ‘Digital eye strain’, a very common condition existing in today’s day has caused eye irritation, dry eyes and genuine strain on our retina.

While a lot of technologically advanced methods are now available for us to restore our vision and gain eyesight, which need not be the only solution. Traditional methods for prevention of eye disorders have been gaining a lot of popularity recently due to its simple, tech-free ways. Walking barefoot and taking in sunlight daily are few ways through which the eyesight can be benefitted.

Other ways include eye yoga, a practice of simple eye exercises that can be done very easily to give exemplary results. Eye yoga is not an alternative, but is actually a necessity for most. A balanced diet and a few basic exercises can benefit all in the long run. Eye yoga should not only be practiced for short term results as cure for refractive errors and conditions have been visible leading to better eyesight for people, naturally.

Our own need and greed for digitization has led to its creation and preservation but has subtly also caused mass destruction.

The concept of ‘trimurti’ can hence be explained as a universal truth.
– Shloka Iyer

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