10 Tips for Clean Eating

Tips for Clean Eating – Our life has taken a different tone and style, over time. After all, this is part of evolution. Mankind has always progressed and evolved through the ages. However, one thing has always remained stagnant and stands true until today, which is “survival of the fittest”.

Tips for Clean Eating

We all have observed that the diseases, outbreaks, climatic changes, and nature’s response kept surprising us every time. Viral, bacteria, and other illnesses are more on the loose than we have ever witnessed. I wonder why don’t we all realize and take some steps to manage these changes?    

The rapidly changing planet earth has made a lot of other things jeopardize their condition and their physical well-being, today and as well as in the future.

The ever-increasing struggle to manage between time and the works provides very little cushion for us to think about what is going inside us through our diet. Whether you are in the corporate world of hustle bustle or leading a monotonous life, you ought to be conscious of your physical health. It might be an old school statement but stands true to this era,

“Health is wealth!”        

The target to achieve a healthy body is accomplished after traveling a long road of continuous struggle to lead a balanced life. Balance in diet, exercise, and a set pattern of living are what everybody should aim for. It is not just about losing your weight; it is about how you manage your weight throughout with healthy eating habits. Clean and healthy eating is not just eating fruits or vegetables enriched with minerals and maintaining balance to your day to day challenges in taking care of your body:

1.    Cut carbs and add proteins 

Your way to lean and healthy body is by eating clean. It means that you should add more proteins in your diet and reduce the carbohydrates that do not do any good inside your body. By reducing carbohydrate intake, you can also reduce the water weight that causes water weight and bloating of your stomach. Eating fewer carbs and more of lean proteins, you can also lose weight. This is the reason that the people who go on a low carb diet feel the difference very quickly on the scale after they start their diet. Adding lean proteins to your diet can reduce your appetite and boost your metabolism. This kind of diet also reduces fat accumulation inside your body.

2.  Start your day with your best foot forward 

Starting your day with a healthy, nutritious, and quality breakfast is always a trigger to feel rejuvenated and energized the whole day. A healthy breakfast is very much part of clean eating. Include fruits, eggs, pure and organic dairy products, along with oats, and whole grains can boost your metabolism and set you ready for the day. Breakfast is also one of the most important meals of the day and skipping it would affect your health. This boosts your metabolic rate and does not let you gain unnecessary unsaturated fats.

3.   Eat Less and Repeat

Eating clean is not about skipping meals. Many people suggest cutting short the quantity of each course and savor at least six small portions of meals every day. You are not only watching what you are eating, which is quality. But also, it is the quantity that makes you win the game. However, there is no harm in taking up to six mini-meals for the whole day. It will be superb if you add the nutrients in your food, which helps to boost your metabolism and trigger quick digestion.

4.  Control your portions

As discussed earlier, reducing the portions is quite essential to observe weight management. However, reducing portions is not the solution if the calories are not watched. Calories are controlled by the people who aim to reduce, gain, or maintain their weight. Macronutrients like protein, fat, and carbohydrates are vital for our body and perform activities daily. However, these three macronutrients need to be consumed in a controlled environment. 

For this reason, we watch the calories of the food that we take in.  It is important to know that:

  • 1 gram of protein equals to 4 calories
  • 1 gram of carbohydrates equals to 4 calories
  • 1 gram of fat equals to 9 calories.

In order to achieve your health goals, you need to watch out for your daily food. Your basic metabolism rate will determine your calorie intake you require on one specific day. Your calorie count should be according to the amount of weight you want to shed. Here are some simple points to guide you through:

• You can use a calorie counting app to keep your calories in the record and calculate the balance between your intake and expenditure for your body.

•Reduce any in between meals snacks.

• Eat only at mealtime, and not after dinner.

• Add vegetables to your meals and eliminate starchy carbohydrates or added fats.

• Watch out the calories in your drinks. Opt for water, tea, or coffee. Adding protein shakes could be a healthy replacement for your meals.

5.  Minimize the low-quality food 

Whether you are on the road to losing weight or just a health-conscious freak, you must avoid processed food in order to eat clean. Instead, you should eat a simple diet containing low carb vegetables, whole foods, and lean proteins. These foods are filling yet low in calories and make you less hungry. You should also avoid the food that is processed or preserved with additives.

When you do not watch out what you are eating, you end up taking unhealthy and low in macronutrient food, which gives you no benefit at all. We should take extra precautions while feeding our children and should look out for organic and pure unprocessed food.

6.  Water is for humans, as it’s for fishes

Do you feel that the water is as essential for us human beings, as much as it is for marine life? If yes, you are absolutely correct in thinking so. Our body works around containing 70% water. Water is vital for all of us in order to remain healthy. It is the most critical aspect of clean eating. It is the body cleanser by throwing out toxins and carries oxygen to perform various functions efficiently. In tropical areas keeping yourself hydrated is vital to combat with the lost energy.

7.   Time is of essence

Apart from eating healthy, the correct time and schedule to follow in having all the meals give your body the required time and direction to work for better metabolism. Also, the myth of eating fruits, salads, and other foods have been debunked and proved that we had adopted wrong traditions. Like having fruits after dinner.

8.  High in fiber, low in fats

Weight loss and weight management revolve around the metabolism measurements. Those who have good metabolic rates tend to lose weight easier. In order to achieve high metabolism, you must include fiber intake, which helps in digestion. Hence helping much in aiding weight loss. You should take special care in watching that your diet is always low on fats and completely without saturated and unsaturated fats.

9.  Learn to Say ‘No’

For clean eating, you must learn to have a strong will and say no to any tempting and unhealthy foods. In short, anything unhealthy is not part of your lifestyle and clean eating.

10.   Work – Out

Strength training and cardiovascular exercises help a great deal to lead a clean eating regime. Workouts are essential to building your stamina and proper working of your body.  Along with the balanced diet little, or extensive exercise, whatever you may choose will help to achieve a healthy body and balanced weight. Along with that, you will be free of diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

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