7 Things You Should Do After Your Wedding is Over

Major things you simply cannot forget to complete after your wedding

One of the biggest and most responsible tasks in anyone’s life is to complete a wedding without any hitches.

Many people think, that completion of marriage ceremonies is the completion of the wedding, but that is not the case my friend.

Trust me; there are plenty of other things that require your attention once you have said: “I Do”.

You have pondered a great thought on the selection of online wedding card, you have meticulously work on honeymoon planning, and you even have a great time finalizing pre-wedding meal.

But your work just simply not done here, there are many other important things that need to wrap up.

In this post, we will discuss the entire to-do list that you need to do as soon as your wedding ceremonies are completed.

Here we start!

Send Thank You Notes

This is one of the most generous and amiable gestures that you could show to your wedding guests. It is great that you send traditional and online wedding cards to your guests to invite them.

But if you send a warm thank you note to your wedding guests, it would touch them by heart.

It would be better if you would send the thank you note within the first two months of your wedding as soon as you return from your honeymoon.

One of the best ways to do this is by dividing the task and do it more efficiently and sooner.

Preserve your wedding dress

Wedding dresses are the symbolism of prosperity. If you are planning to keep them for a long time, you should start preserving them right after your wedding day.

The wedding dress is a domain in which every bride and bridegroom leaves no page unturned to make it appealing and memorable.

Wedding dresses are special because they are the way to remember the wedding, and wedding time just like the online wedding card.

Therefore, you should keep your wedding dress clean professionally and keep it safe without any stains and smells.

Making it official on Facebook

Yeah! Announcing everything on social media is the latest trend, and when you have got married, there is no reason why should not announce it on Facebook.

For all social media savvy people, those who have already marked themselves in a relationship or engaged you should make sure that you switch the status to married and announce the world.

Change your name

Talking about announcing on the social platform and not discussing the name change is something not done.

Maybe you won’t be able to change your name on the online wedding card. But if you have changed your relationship status on the social media platforms you can also change the name.

The name-changing trend majorly goes with girls. Let the world official know that you are married by changing your last name on your social platform, marriage certificate, license, bank accounts, and everything else such as post office, payroll, voter registration, etc.

Manage your wedding album

Just like you select the choicest of the online wedding card, you should also give proper concern when it’s time for the selection of photos of your wedding.

Thousands of photographs captured during entire wedding ceremonies, hundreds of moments are there which we want to preserve forever.

Thanks to the state of the technology, that with the help of digitalization, we can now save soft copies of wedding photographs and send other essential photos for printing the album.

Sit with your spouse, select the wedding photographs of your choice, before your wedding becomes an old song. Everyone is excited to see wedding photographs and surely you do not want your family and friends to disappoint due to procrastination in getting a wedding album.

Eating cake and open presents

No matter if you are an adult or a child, when it comes to opening the present, the excitement takes over us individually.

This is one of the best wedding tips that you must be reading right now. When you work on your wedding planning, always keep some time apart to surprise yourself with the excitement of cute couple gifts.

While opening gifts, you could always have a register and pen with you so that you can note down which gift is presented by which guest for future reference.

If you have a wedding cake cut in on a nuptial day, it’s the time for you to finish it before anybody else grabs it.

It generally happens that many newlywed couples couldn’t get a chance to taste their wedding cake. Therefore it is the time that you savor its delicious taste while selecting photographs for your wedding album.

To give a glimpse of your wedding cake you can imprint its design on your online wedding card, it would be a unique way to send a wedding invitation.

Time for vendor reviews

While you still have time, it’s better you should review all the experts who have worked hard for you to make your nuptial an unforgettable moment.

Right start from the one where you have to get your online wedding card, to the wedding planner, from florist to venue admin, and list include all people who have been an important part of your wedding saga including photographer, hairstylist, makeup artist, and the designer who sew your wedding dress.

If you take some time to review them, it would enhance their morale and help them give great, customized and superior quality services to their next client.

It would also help other couples to discover your amazing wedding experience which became possible just because of your wedding vendors.

Some other major things that you should do after your wedding

  • Give thanks to your online wedding card designer.
  • Start preparing your luggage according to your honeymoon planning.
  • Analyze the overall cost of your wedding incurred on factors such as wedding reception venue, pre-wedding meal, photographers and overall wedding planning.
  • Concern to your wedded friends for some useful and effective wedding tips, if you get it right. Wink!
  • Select yours’ and your spouse’s photo among all the wedding photos and imprint it on a large canvas and hand it in your bedroom.
  • Prepare a list of a cute couple of gifts that you have received as a blessing and good wishes from your wedding guests.

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