What are morale patches?

While morale patches are highly popular in the fashion world today, the first ones were worn by pilots during WW2. Their popularity with the pilots trickled down to the soldiers on the ground, and were much loved for their profanity. And that is how the matches made their mark among military ranks and remain persistent up to date.   

Morale patches are ornamental military insignias with humorous images and expressions. Due to their profanities, as they first came out, Velcro’s use has become standard and made them more acceptable to everyone. The use of Velcro also allows wearers to patch and remove them in a hurry as per need. Despite this, the tradition of morale patches has continued to date with even more boldness and humor explicitly aimed at the armed forces’ men and women.  

You would also know some banter thrown around by and for military people for being so uptight and stagnant in their uniforms.  

If you are here ready to get yourself a morale patch or get into the art, we guide you through them. We let you into it all you should know. 

Velcro patches

Morale patches are meant to be worn and removed at the time of your choice. While there are patches made of buttons or pin styles, the most popular ones are those made from Velcro. So popular are they that this Velcro-style has become the standard and many military uniforms and military-style outfits come equipped with Velcro areas for the patches. 

Different Branches of Morale Patches

The first morale patches were humorous, but there exist patches that signify important matters. Lovers of morale patches like to have some lighthearted fun with one branch, while the other branches like to show off which of theirs they like the most. This help let off some steam and have fun with what is a serious profession. If you did not know that they love hearty laughter in the military, now you know, and it comes from fashion. 

Not all patches are military-related though, you can choose patches from other combat fields such as gunners, paratroopers, or some with smileys or emoji faces. There are patches made from logos of popular energy drinks such as 7up, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and so much more. It’s a whole world of patches out there. It does not have to be the military’s uptight mood; you can have all sorts of morale patches for fun. 

Some patches salute and show respect to military veterans. So, if you know someone who served back in the day, you can gift them one of these and let them remember the old day in combat. 

Material Design

There are two main designs of morale patches; stitched or embroidered. They are durable and do not show any signs of wear or tear for a few years when they are well spent. They also hold water longer and take a longer time to dry compared to PVC patches. PVC patches are, on the other hand, long-lasting, durable, and do not absorb water; instead, let it just roll over them.

The material you settle for will come down to your taste and preference.


Remember that the whole purpose of morale patches is to boost morale (did you catch the pun?). Tongue-in-cheek humor is always the best way to serve this, and if you have been around morale patches before, you know the type of humor they contain. Depending on where you want to stick your morale patches, you might want to keep it professional and a little low on the humor, but not be afraid to find a patch expressing the sense of humor you like and identify with the most. This might mean going a bit on the loud and crass side of the fence, but again, it is humor, right?

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