What are the mistakes to avoid when taking guitar lessons?

The rising popularity of guitar over the past few decades have attracted more and more music enthusiasts to try their hands at learning the stylish musical instrument that is part of fashion and style too. Learning to play guitar is a process, and there is no defined timeline for completion because you can keep learning until you live or wish. This is the view of music teachers in a music school in Vancouver who have trained thousands of people to play the instrument.  What and how much you learn, it all depends on your goals of learning. It must align with your musical goals.

Guitar lessons

How much you get from your guitar lessons depends on how serious you are about learning and whether you are learning from the right people. Finding a guitar teacher with a proven track record for turning the most ordinary guy into an excellent guitar player is a sure-shot way of getting your grip on the instrument in a way that turns you into one of the most promising students. But surely, you must have a passion for learning without which even the best teacher would look very ordinary. Your love for music and the instrument play a key role in turning you into a passionate learner who can turn into a fantastic guitarist someday. 

However, to become a great guitarist, you must avoid some mistakes that students usually make.

The pitfalls of information overload

Maintaining a steady pace of learning ensures that you get time to digest new things so that you can implement it confidently before moving on to something new. However, it often happens that some learners are too eager to learn new things every day. Indeed, it is vital to learn new things but perhaps more important are how much you can apply them in your music by honing the skills. Too much information at a time can confuse learners. You must have the patience to allow things to fall in place after learning something new. Only when you are confident of implementing it correctly that you must move on to learn something new.

Being a perfectionist

Trying to be a perfectionist can hinder your progress in learning, and it can frustrate you so much that you might even quit learning.  Perfectionists suffer from the fear of falling behind with what they learn because they take too much time in trying to become perfect.  Trying to learn guitar lessons one at a time can take so much time to complete that it might even take a lifetime. Instead, focusing on several skills at the same time by using a geometric approach can do a lot of good. 

Unclear goals and challenges

 While you must trust your guitar teacher, at the same time, you must share your goals and challenges with him or her. Only when the teacher knows what you want to achieve that he or she can create a lesson plan that drives you in the right direction. A transparent teacher-student relationship is essential for learning the guitar quickly and correctly.

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