What Comes Out After Coffee Enema?

If you take a cup of coffee early in the morning before you go on your day, you realize your frequency to the bathroom goes an extra high. This is the concept that gave us coffee enemas. It is a medical technique used by people who wish to relieve constipation or detoxify their livers.

Coffee Enema


While it has been used by many people for years, it requires long-standing bowel relieving – long-standing constipation – which is not only harmful and uncomfortable but can also lead to bowel blockage and cause a hole in the bowel.

It is therefore advisable that as you seek to enjoy the benefits of coffee enemas, you should also be wary of the dangers when used incorrectly.

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Coffee enemas are used through Gerson therapy. This is a healing approach developed by Max Gerson, who advocated for the use of coffee enemas and a plant-based diet to heal and detoxify the body. His research led to the establishment of the Gerson Institute, which still carries on his research and has kept his ideas alive. According to the institute, these are some of the benefits that can be obtained from coffee enemas:

  •         Improved energy cell production.
  •         Improved tissue health.
  •         Improved blood circulation.
  •         Boosted cell growth.
  •         Enhanced immunity.

Enemas are also being studied for use in alternative treatment for some cancers, subject to your doctor’s advice.

How it Works              

Coffee Enema and liver – When you use coffee enemas, the caffeine present in the coffee is absorbed into the body and goes to the liver to become a strong detoxicant, with the liver producing more bile as a result. This bile contains processed toxins and moves to the small intestine, ready for elimination. This will free up the liver enabling it to process more toxins from the bloodstream, other organs, and tissues.

The coffee will not go into circulation, and its sole purpose is the production of enzymes useful in the making of detox pathways by the liver. These enzymes enable the elimination of toxins via bile into the small intestine. It is a catalyst.

Risks and Side Effects of Coffee Enema

When on a Gerson Therapy, we recommend that you do it infrequently as frequent procedures will lead to a massive loss of electrolytes, important in maintaining the body’s fluid balance.

Prolonged diarrhea and constipation will also lead to an electrolyte imbalance that will need medical attention to solve.

Other side effects include intestine irritation, injury, electrolyte loss, and allergic reactions, among others.

Other preferable options include water enemas and soap-sud enemas, which have less threatening side effects.

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We recommend that you should instead try to have a bowel movement without assistance rather than using coffee enemas to improve on it. If you have been having difficulty going to the bathroom, you should also consider seeking medical assistance first to determine whether you have an underlying medical condition rather than going the enema way.

Do not, however, get discouraged from coffee enemas; they are a highly efficient way to detoxify and heal your body. Try one today and get some of those health benefits associated with enemas.

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