What Education Do You Need To Take To Become a Firefighter?

What Education Do You Need To Take To Become a Firefighter?

When you grow up, what do you want to be? The world has many fascinating careers, and the firefighter career path is one of the most interesting areas. However, firefighters do have certain standards they should meet, like education. So, what education do you need to take to become a firefighter?

Some College Experience Helps

The college experience can go a long way in any career, but it especially helps when looking into the firefighter career track. While you cannot get a bachelor’s degree in fire science, many state schools and community colleges offer certifications and courses.

When you first start applying, look for specialized courses on fire safety to aid you in studying a fire’s movement and behavior, and developing fire prevention strategies. These courses help you understand how fires behave, the most vulnerable climates, and how to prevent breakouts in your community.

Look Into the Fire Academy

The fire academy is the door that leads to the actual firefighter career. The fire academy isn’t difficult to get into, but meeting basic standards is difficult. Overall, focus all your energy on getting through the fire academy. You could complete the academy in six months, with some programs only being a couple of weeks long.

What To Expect in the Fire Academy

You can expect to complete 600 training hours. Training courses require you to learn about the different fire safety equipment used on the job and opportunities to expand your knowledge with certifications in EMT, CPR, and fire prevention.

Many academies will separate certifications into different levels. These levels divide firefighter trainees on their current knowledge. For instance, prospective students just starting out in the academy obtain Firefighter 1, while those who have been in longer will get level 2.

The Basic Requirements for Becoming a Firefighter

During recruitment, you’re going to be tested on physical health, and you’ll be required to provide proof of education. You’ll also need to have an essential skillset of equipment and fire safety standards. Without these skills or background verification, you can’t become a firefighter.

These are the basic requirements for becoming a firefighter:

  • Being in peak physical shape
  • Completing the fire academy
  • Having a basic knowledge of fire equipment
  • A clean background

What Should You Focus on Before Becoming a Firefighter?

Before looking into the fire academy, you should focus on completing high school first. Start getting yourself physically in shape and networking during your time in school. The best way to know you’re on track to becoming a firefighter is by meeting with a current firefighter and letting them mentor you.

Summed up, this is what you need to do:

  • Start exercising and eating right
  • Study hard
  • Complete the fire academy

When first researching different careers, make sure you confirm your interests. Take this guide on the education needed to become a firefighter and use it as a roadmap to your career goals. It’s never too late to look into developing your skills and building experience for the firefighter career path.

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