What Is The Cause Of Worry For A Printer In Regards To Web-To-Print? Investing In It Or Learning The Tech?

What is worrying printers in regards to their web-to-print solutions? Is it investing in such sophisticated platforms, or is it learning the technology? We would say it is an amalgamation of many things, including apprehension and lots of confusion.

implementing an online print shop software

While the adaptability rate of web printing software is increasing rapidly, printing companies like yourself are facing trouble in choosing the right solution for them – given the market is flooded with multiple vendors offering a suite of offerings.

Your emotions are justified – whatever they may be. And it is not worth it if the purchase or implementation is not planned properly.

When money is involved, the confidence levels are bound to hit rock bottom! Therefore, to make your job easier, we have penned down five questions you must ask yourself while implementing an online print shop software:

1. What’s the reason for investing in a web2print solution?

You are going to fail if you are not clear about why you want the software in the first place. Many printers make the mistake of purchasing a solution without having any clear business objectives. Naturally, in such scenarios, their money goes down the drain.

The scale of failure is even more prominent when they do not have the required expertise to run the software. Therefore, be clear about the problems of your target audience, you hope to solve with a web2print solution, and how soon it will generate ROI for you.

2. How well do you know your target customers?

If, while implementing the software, you have doubts regarding your target customer base, it is a mistake. Printers must define that aspect at an early stage – preferably before getting into the web-to-print business.

The whole point of the solution is to serve customers better – automate menial tasks for them such as quotation, artwork approval, and order tracking – so that you can focus on building long-term relationships with them.

It does not matter how sophisticated the software is, if you do not know your target customers, it is not going to help. The solution will fail you.

3. Is the right leadership at work?

As the owner of a printing company, it is essential for your top management team to be on the same page as you. Do not have senior employees who push for the web2print solution without having any knowledge about it or having any desire to learn it.

Want the software to be worth your money? Imbibe technology. You should make sure that your employees are involved in the new solution completely. If everyone is on the same page, your company will be more creative in its offerings, and that will help it thrive.

4. Have you picked the right web2print solution?

Buy an online print shop software that fulfills automated tasks such as instant quotation, swift artwork creation and approval, order management, and others. The wrong software can most definitely be a cause of worry for you.

After all – your money is at stake, and you would want to make the most of it. So, while you are selecting software, make sure it is exactly what your business needs. It should have a commendable suite of offerings and training programs so that the technology does not overwhelm you and your team.

Does it have 24/7 customer support? Can other apps be integrated into it? Get all the critical points out of the way before putting down your hard-earned cash on it. Trust us – it is important to do your homework before taking a call!

5. Are you implementing the software correctly?

Implementation is the key to a successful investment. The process also clarifies any doubts you or your team may have in regards to the technology. Therefore, when the web2print solution is getting deployed, it is best to involve all major teams.

Get to know order management and processing, third-party integrations, and inventory systems. From sales to operations – all the key employees should sit for training sessions and get an understanding of how they can use the software to its fullest potential.

Wrapping up

It does not matter whether your printing company sells greeting cards, mobile covers, banners, photo frames or t-shirts – we have the right web2print solution for you that enables complete automation, and flexibility of focusing more on taking care of customers.

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