What type of injuries and illness are not covered by worker’s compensation?

Workplace injury attorney – All the companies, be it a government one or a private are bound to have a workers’ compensation fund which will be used every time a worker falls sick or injures himself in some accident. Different companies have a different set of rules and amount to be used for the funds. Also, the diseases and the injuries to be brought under the compensation area varies and is decided by the board of directors and state ministers in case of the government. Apparently, if you injure yourself while working for the company or if your health declines because of some issues at work, it is covered by the workers’ compensation.

workplace injury attorney

You have to consult a workplace injury attorney who will guide you further on what are the claims you can have regarding your current health conditions and what are the procedures you need to go through to get your request passed from the authority. 

There are also health areas which are not covered by this compensation. Especially in Minnesota work injury attorney will tell you there are specific hooks and crooks in the rules for you to know before you actually raise a claim. Here is a list of disease that does not fall under the workers’ compensation list.

  1.  If you get an injury or a bruise or a small burn which can be healed by giving immediate first-aid service, it is not falling under the category of workplace compensation. Cuts or scrapes which can be cured with applying a bit of ointment at regular intervals, do not bring you a settlement. So does a minor headache. Here is a ‘but’ to it. If the headache is happening due to some chemical which you are using at your workplace, or you remain subjected to as a part of your job, you can put out a warrant for a claim and the company is bound to pass that since their products or work environment has got something to do with your disease directly. 
  2. There is a category known as the Non-workplace injury. If you meet with an accident while you are going out for a lunch date with your friend, you will not be able to claim workplace compensation because it is something that did not happen because of your work environment or while you were completing a work given to you by the company. But if you meet with an accident on the road while visiting your client or while going to the office and if it is something serious which can not be treated with simple first-aid, it is listed under the workers’ compensation. Unacceptable behaviours like fighting in public area and getting injured or doing something you like (horse-riding, mountaineering) and hitting yourself; the compensation will not cover all these. 
  3. Workers’ compensation will cover no injuries caused by drugs, alcohols or any similar things. Your workplace injury lawyer should tell you that if you are being paid for what you were doing during the accident or when you were injured, it will fall under the category of workplace compensation and you will be compensated duly. No act which will give you personal pleasure or you are yourself responsible for will be paid by any companies. 
  4. There are instances like certain respiratory disorders or carpal tunnel syndrome where you will not get any compensation when you have the initial symptoms. But slowly, if it turns out to be a chronic disease and the root cause is detected because of any of the chemicals or machines you are using at your workplace, consult your doctor. He will help you file a claim report with necessary proofs and medical reports. It is generally known as occupational diseases. Repetitive injuries from excessive stress or trauma also can culminate into a fatal disease which requires attention and can fall under the list of compensation, if prooved serious. 

5. Lastly, it is to be said that most people do not understand that similar to physical health hazards, mental disease can also be severe and can prove to be a grave issue with time if proper care is not given at the utmost. If you ask your workplace injury attorney, he will be able to tell you that countless people suffer from severe stress at their workplace while meeting regularly scheduled deadlines and tight targets. Researches have shown that employees find it really hard to balance their work-life with private life which often results in the trauma of loneliness. One can even go into depression. Psychiatric injuries from regular or one major incident do fall under the category of compensation. Post-traumatic stress syndrome also is a part of it. But it may be so that the company will not accept such claim and you need to consult a workplace injury attorney to file a claim accordingly.  

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