Who is responsible for Kalief Browder suicide? Our System or his poverty?

It feels very bad when you hear the news about someone who had taken his own life. Yes it really very bad when we heard that the U.S criminal justice system explode it and Kalief Browder apprehend his own life. It was very awful situation that the 22 years man killed himself. He did this because he is a victim. He is an expected victim of our failed criminal policies.

Who is responsible for Kalief Browder suicide? Our System or his poverty?

It is very bad example of the terror of obscure imprisonment which tells us that how defective our bail system is? It displays that the entire system is extremely failed. If we look at the victim so he was just 16 years old when he was arrested just for the minor robbery.

He discharged after three years in case of minor robbery. Then he became the face of America’s dark prison system last fall, the New York report tells us that he has to suffered a lot and physically and mentally be ill – treated as a teen while behind bars at Rikers Island. Rikers Island is basically the New York City’s main jail complex.

He released in June 2013 and after he gets discharge he filed a case against New York City. The Police and the correctional officers have to correspond for his wasted years. How many days he wasted in jail on his very minor mistake?

Almost more than 1,000 days he spent there and out of them 400 in isolation. Browder was perfectly alright before going to the jail but after his imprisonment he had mental problems and he attempted suicide six times at the scandalous New York City jail complex. He professed snatching of a book bag. Yes this is his mistake for which he have to bear punishment of three years.

Who will responsible for his death?? Is it the poverty who takes his life or the spoiled justice system? His death doesn’t base on single reasons many rascals are involve too.

Now the important thing is that in the death of Browder the involvement of those rascals and our spoiled system should be included. Almost $3,000 bails have been sets for his release and these bails were too much for his family to afford.

After bearing all the hardships at last he sets free they set him free after the three years of solitary confinement, extreme hunger and badly beatings by prison gang members and guards stayed with him.

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