Holly Madison love turns into hate with Hugh Hefner

At the period of time, when fans often embedded for Holly Madison and Hugh Hefner’s relationship on the E! an Entertainment television. The 35 years old beauty has acknowledged that the life wasn’t everything in mansion it was just split your life nothing else.

Holly Madison love turns into hate with Hugh Hefner

As she narrates, about her story that she has been treated in a dreadful way by her boyfriend Hugh Hefner who is an 89 years old playboy. He is a puppeteer who blemished us against one another.

She moved into the mansion in 2001, and she realized that she was not treated well there. She declared this truth first in 2008.  When Madison was a struggling actress and working as a waitress at Hooters club then she met and had her first interaction with Hefner at Los Angeles.

According to the mother of one the playboy offered her drugs. She refused this offer and then noted his reply. He was like unconcerned and showed that he doesn’t bother either she takes or not. By giving his opinion he said that personally he is not appreciates such type of things but his words are showing his favor towards such type of things drugs and others.

According to the Madison Hugh Hefner is very fond of girls he really likes to play with them mentally and physically both. Especially he likes the main girlfriend and enjoyed the competition between his girlfriends.

Madison soon moved into the mansion and it was not long after when she judge the surroundings that all the girls are very competitive. This is because Hefner wants them to be like.

He changed his girlfriend’s company with time to time and at that time a woman whose name is Tina was his latest girlfriend while the other girls lied, and tell Madison that they didn’t do have sex with him. After some days she has been offered by Hefner’s flame Vicky for a romp and she accepted this offer.

Madison becomes Hefner’s main girlfriend in 2002. Although she was not interested to be his no.1 girlfriend but she has to pretend that she is taking much interest in him.

She told that he wants from his girlfriends to look uniformly with long white beautiful hair. She also told us that Hefner doesn’t like red lipstick. Now Madison is very strong and have no more fear of people even she doesn’t have any loyalty to Hefner.

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