Why Android is Better Than Windows

The race of the operating systems to capture the market has seen technological and user-friendly advancements. The debate over Android, iOS or Windows is a never-ending one. While most know about the advantages of Android over iOS, this article lists you the reasons as to why Android is better than Windows.

Why Android is better than windows

1: User Interface:

The Android operating system comes with the classic lock screen which when unlocked opens to the home screen and you can keep minimal apps here, whereas the rest are packed away. In a Windows phone after the lock screen there is a display of resize-able tiles which contains snippets from the various apps that are contained within the phone. You get to know when there is anything to be done on a particular app though the phone does not remind you. For pure aesthetic value, the Android interface looks better. It allows you to have attractive wallpaper without too much being present on your home screen. Windows on the other hand can look a little muddled up, with too much present right on the home screen. On this count, Android is better than Windows.

2: Devices:

All the three operating systems have stepped up their game to acquire as much market as possible. Android is the clear winner of that race.  The best of devices subscribe to having the Android operating system. You will find a wide range of devices that come with Android. In terms of brand, pricing, models and so on. You can find low-end models or extremely advanced models using this operating system. Although Windows managed to get their software on some devices like HTC it is nowhere close to the market share that Android has. Hence in terms of options of devices, Android is better than Windows.

3: The App Store:

No matter how good your device looks or how user-friendly it is , the app store is the one that can make it or break it. The entire sensation around smart phones is the presence of quirky, interesting, helpful and entertaining. If these apps don’t match the bar, you stand no chance in the market. The Android devices have a PlayStore and the Windows devices have a Windows Store. It is an observed trend that the best of apps are now available on Android devices. Be it from AAA rated games to the updates for apps, everything is now available on Android.  Not that Windows Store lacks any apps, but Android has more and better ones. The updates for the apps on Windows are often delayed. On this front as well, Android is better than Windows.

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