Why antibiotics are unsafe for your health

Why antibiotics are unsafe for health? Is a question a lot of people must doubt these days? Antibiotics are prescribed by doctors to treat and kill the bacteria or any kind of infection as in some respiratory tract infections, the infected bruises or wounds and the common skin infections. The function of the drug or antibiotic is to kill the bacteria during its process of multiplying itself which helps the immune system to fight the infection and cure it in no time.

Why antibiotics are unsafe for your health

While Antibiotics help people in one way or the other but antibiotics are unsafe for health as well. Different antibiotics perform and work differently against bacteria, for instance, Erythromycin prevents the protein from building in bacteria while Penicillin destroys bacterial cell wall.

The appropriate dose of Antibiotics is mandatory for a person’s treatment, but an overdose of Antibiotics unsafe for health. Which means the answer to “Why antibiotics are unsafe to your health” can be answered very simply? Antibiotics have various harmful side effects too which cause several health problems which may lead to more serious problems. We talk about the side effects of antibiotics unsafe for your health.

Harmful for kidney function:

Why antibiotics are unsafe for your health

  • These antibiotics are unsafe for your health like Vancomycin, Methicillin, Sulfonamides, Gentamicin, Levofloxacin, Moxifloxacin, Fluoroquinolones and Streptomycin these can be prove dangerous for kidneys.
  • Through a research and study, it was observed that with the use of oral fluoroquinolones there is an increase in the risk of acute kidney injury among males.

Urinary Tract Infections:

Why antibiotics are unsafe for your health

Some Antibiotics can cause a UTI, (Urinary tract infection) most commonly in children. While they are fighting infection, some beneficial bacteria living near the urethra will also be wiped out by them. It makes it easier for bacteria to have its growth in the urinary tract bladder.

Ear problems:

Why antibiotics are unsafe for your health

  • Antibiotics are unsafe for ear as some time they cause inner ear problems.
  • All the aminoglycoside antibiotics may cause ototoxicity upon entering one’s inner ear.
  • It can enter through your blood system or by diffusion from your middle ear into the inner ear.

Reduction ineffectiveness of birth control pills:

Why antibiotics are unsafe for your health

  • Drugs like rifampin can cut down the effectiveness of birth control pills or any other oral contraceptive.
  • Through a study, it was made evident that the rifampin can reduce plasma estrogen concentrations cutting down the effectiveness of your oral contraceptive.
  • Some antibiotics which are used to treat or prevent diseases including meningitis and tuberculosis can also make contraceptives less effective. A doctor in pregnancy control case must be approached.

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