Windows 10 System Requirements

Windows 10 is the latest OS by windows which brings to you the best features any OS ever has. However to avail these features and install Windows 10 onto your PC there are a few requirements that you must ensure that your system has.

Latest OS:

The first of Windows 10 system requirements is to ensure you have the latest Windows OS installed that is the Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.1 update.  If you do not know which version you are using, you can easily find that out on the Windows website.

Windows 10 System Requirements latest os


Second of Windows 10 system requirements is to ensure that you have enough storage space. Systems with small storage of about 32GB must ensure that you expand. Without sufficient storage you will face the problem of getting the Windows 10 updates.

Windows 10 System Requirements storage


Third of Windows 10 system requirements is that you need a stable internet connection to install Windows 10. It is a large file of 3GB and you must ensure there is no interruption.

Windows 10 System Requirements Internet

Infrared Camera:

Fourth of Windows 10 system requirements is a specialised illuminated infrared camera that is needed to use the feature Windows Hello. For face recognition to work in addition with iris recognition you need this specialized camera.

Windows 10 System Requirements infrared camera


Fifth of Windows 10 system requirements is the multi-touch screen. Windows 10 contains in many features that bank on multi-touch. Ensure that you have compatible multi-touch to enjoy these features, which is especially useful for multi tasking on windows.

Windows 10 System Requirements Multi-touch

Connected Standby:

Sixth of Windows 10 system requirements is the connected standby. Windows 10 comes with the innovative feature of InstantGo which is a development from putting your PC to sleep. It holds your connections and lines connected even when you are not actively on your PC. For this your system should support connected standby to maintain such server and internet connections.

Windows 10 System Requirements InstantGo


Seventh of Windows 10 system requirements is a high-resolution desktop screen. One of the most helpful features of Windows 10 is snapped feature which helps you to multi task. Snapped allows you to multitask with up to four apps, which makes the PC experience more convenient. In order to access this feature, each app required a minimum resolution. Unless your display does not have a high-resolution you will not be able to support this feature.

Windows 10 System Requirements resolution

Hence though Windows 10 brings with it the most efficient OS and innovative features, you will not be able to avail it unless your hardware is not compatible.  Upgrade your hardware as per the requirements above and enjoy the Windows 10 experience.

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