World’s Most Beautiful Flowers that Can Leave you Amazed

Often, people ask – Which are the most beautiful flowers in the entire world? This question is tough to answer, as every flower in the world is beautiful in its way. When the word ‘beautiful’ hits your ears, the first thing that would run in your thoughts is flowers.

World’s Most Beautiful Flowers that Can Leave you Amazed

Also, when you look closely, you will realize that a few flowers have numerous unique features that beat the rest. This will make your order online & get flower delivery in Hyderabad.

So, here we bring you the world’s most beautiful flowers.

Cherry Blossoms – If you have already attended D.C’s National Cherry Blossom Festival, you don’t need any clarification about this beautiful flower. This is one of the most magnificent spring festivals in the country, and it exhibits more than 3000 fully bloomed cherry trees. This festival also honors March 27, 1912, a special day when Yukio Ozaki, the Mayor of Tokyo, presented the Japanese cherry trees to the U.S.A to enhance the friendship between the two countries. The unique beauty of these Cherry Blossom flowers makes them special and is called ‘sakura’ in Japan. They also symbolize the advent of the Spring season, and the blooming period can last for 14 days. In Japanese culture, Cherry blossoms have a considerable significance. For them, the blooming of these flowers represents the beauty of life and a new beginning.

Bird of Paradise – It is undoubtedly a puzzling name. Native to South Africa bird of paradise is an exotic plant. On flourishing, the beautiful flowers look like a bird of paradise taking flight, hence the name. Also known as crave flowers, this gorgeous flower represents the paradise itself. A fully grown bird of paradise plant flourishes from May till September. When fully developed, every flower has three, horizontal, blue, inner sepals and three, upright, orange-colored sepals, and has long green leaves. Generally, this flower looks like one of the most colorful birds in the world, taking flight. This plant grows well outdoors as it needs full sunshine. You need to cut back the stems to support the next level of blooming once the flowers fade away.

Bleeding Heart – We are already aware of what a heart shape portrays – love. Now, imagine your garden filled with the pink-white colored heart-shaped flowered plant. Isn’t that amazing? Well, nobody will disagree with that. The bleeding heart flower is such a spectacular and beautiful flower that no one can take their eyes off it. These flowers are one of the best options to send flowers to Delhi. This spring-blooming and splendid, bleeding heart flower flourish well in a damp and cool climate. Once fully developed, around 20 heart-shaped flowers reveal themselves on every arching stem. The flower can be seen in red, pink, white, and yellow colors. However, small white tips with pink outer petals look more enticing. As their name suggests, these flowers truly look like bleeding hearts when small water drop appears at the tip of the flower.

Dahlia – Dahlia has continuously maintained a special place among flower lovers, due to its great variety in color and size. Dahlia is native to Mexico and has 42 different species in the world. This beautiful flower comes in various sizes anywhere between 2 to 20 inches in diameter. Except blue, Dahlia can also be found in almost any color. These marvelous and colorful flowers flourish between midsummer and the beginning of the winter season.

Gazania – Native to South Africa, Gazania is a beautiful look-alike of the daisy flower and is also called treasure flower. The Gazania plant has gorgeous and brilliantly colored flowers with alluring long, silver-green leaves. Gazania flourishes well when exposed to full sunshine. Beautiful flowers reveal themselves in mid-summer and go on through early fall. Gazanias blooms in vivid shades of yellow, orange, pink, white, and red. The flowers shut themselves in the evening and remain hidden on the days with shallow temperature, as Gazania is a Sun-loving flower.

Rose – Roses are possibly the world’s most beautiful flower. Since 500 B.C, humans began cultivating roses. This beautiful and amazingly fragrant flower is connected with us for a long time. Roses also represent honor, love, faith, passion, and beauty. The sheer beauty of the flower alone is the main reason that makes roses so famous among both flower lovers and florists. With numerous species of its kind, around the world, every species contains its unparalleled beauty. Typically flourishing roses have only five sepals and five petals, with the only exception of ‘Rosa Sericea’ species of rose, which contains only four petals. Roses are found in various shades of yellow, red, white, pink, and orange. There is no existence of naturally growing pure blue or black colored roses, as people used to imagine. Nevertheless, roses appear to be extremely attractive, regardless of their color.You can also walk up to your nearest florist in Hyderabad for more information on flowers and personally witness their beauty of research online.

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