4 Crucial Tips to Generate Traffic for a Blog Using Videos

In theory generating traffic for a blog using videos sounds simple, and essentially involves publishing videos on various platforms that have high traffic (such as YouTube) and enticing viewers to visit your blog. Unfortunately in practice it is a little bit more complicated than that – as you may have realized if you have attempted it.

Generate traffic with videos

If you want to start pulling in traffic for your blog using videos, there are 4 crucial tips that you need to follow:

  • Don’t ignore your keyword research

While videos themselves are impervious to search engine optimization, their titles and tags are not. Researching keywords and finding out what terms are being searched for is important as it will help you to craft better tags and titles that can help increase the viewership of your videos.

  • Mind the backlinks

Different platforms have different rules when it comes to backlinks, though the common practice is to insert them in the video description. On some platforms you may be able to use more direct methods of adding backlinks, such as by using overlays, captions, or cards. The most important thing to remember about backlinks is that you need to inform the viewer why they should click on it.

  • Make sure your video isn’t losing viewers before it is done

It is often recommended that you make sure that all your videos are about a minute long. The reason for this is simple: Viewers tend to have short attention spans and you could actually lose up to 60% of them by the second minute. Needless to say if you’re losing viewers before the video is done then they aren’t going to be around for your call to action, and probably won’t click on your backlink.

  • Test, track, and analyze

Incremental improvements are the order of the day when you’re generating traffic with videos and you should always test out different approaches, track your results, and analyze what worked and what did not. Every bit of information you can glean will help you to improve your next video, and improve your results across the board.

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