San Jose Shooting Incident Brought Major Lawsuit Against Chris Brown

Chris Brown‘s always seemed to get into trouble and make an image of a bad boy on the social sites and among fans. It seems that his legal embarrassments keep on coming and he didn’t care about it at all. If you remember he was involved in a shooting on a private gig earlier this year.

San Jose Shooting Incident brought major Lawsuit against Chris Brown

Now the our “Loyal” bright singer is being sued by a man who claims that he was shot and got injured at Brown’s concerts quarreling on the same thing that the singer and the location management took insufficient security actions particularly when Brown’s repute for drawing violence is common to everyone.

It is all over the news and social sites that Chris Brown is allegedly being charged over a private San Jose Calif. concert previously this year. As we recall correctly a shooting start suddenly that cause five people were injured.

The complaint entitles that Brown and the location administration were responsible of maintaining a duty of showing appropriate care to offer a safe environment and defend clienteles or viewers from the predictable danger of harm, viciousness, fights, uprisings and mainly the shootings that have formerly been related to Brown’s presences and performances and which were sensibly imaginable at the bash.

This seems to be a major incident in Brown’s life as the case is strong and due to his violent nature he already has very bad reputation. Paul Briley has filed a legal complaint against Brown demanding that Brown was not even close to provide enough security and because of that he is now forever hurt.

In Briley’s claim he proposes that since Brown had numerous violent cases at appearances before the San Jose concert so he should have had additional security that night.

As a response to this incident Brown’s publicist Nicole Perna of BWR-PR delivered this statement: “It is a lowly image of our society that violence is so predominant and it is constantly a disaster when someone is actually injured. But this is totally a bogus lawsuit.

We imagine that according to the circumstances the case will be terminated and considering avoiding anything in the future for these baseless lawsuits focused at Chris Brown we plan to pursue damages from all the involved parties and their lawyers.”

Particularly last August Brown presented a pre-VMA party where four people were shot containing Death Row Records originator Suge Knight. It seems trouble is looking its way towards Chris Brown.


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