Trump supporters warned to stop harassing minorities

Trump supporters have committed violent acts against minorities across the country, after he beat Democratic rival Hillary Clinton in the US elections.

Trump supporters

Trump supporters

The new president of America finally took the time to warn his own supporters that there should be no aggression against anyone anywhere in the country.

Stop it!

Donald Trump urged his supporters in a televised interview to ‘stop it.’ The interview was the first since he won the election for the 45th president of the America.

However, the president-elect said in very clear tones and words that he will not tolerate hostility against anyone.

Surprised and disgusted

Donald Trump said this during an interview with Lesley Stahl of CBS in 60 minutes on Sunday. He told the host that he was surprised and disgusted to know that his own supporters were involved assaulted and offences against other people.

What surprised him most was that all of this was being done in his name. Though, he also said that he had only heard of a few instances of hate crimes since after his election but even these acts were terrible.

The host made the point that Trump supporters were actively provoking Muslims and Latinos in the country and did Trump want to say anything to them.

Trump replied that it was not tolerable. He further stated that he was going to unite the country and not divide it.

Condoning violence

While, Trump said that she was saddened to hear these news. He urged his supporters to stop immediately.

Trump was asked by many people that he should come on air and make a statement condoning the violence.

This may have been difficult for the president-elect since his entire presidential campaign was revolving around xenophobia, racism and homophobia.

Simply asking his supporters to stop at this point may not be enough. In interview, Trump criticized the people who had been marching on the streets against his won election.

He blamed the press saying that it was building momentum against him. He also said that the media was unfair in reporting hate crimes against minorities.


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