Trump’s Bigly become top trending search on Google

Donald Trump is a New York billionaire who is the prime presidential contestant from the Republican Party.  Donald Trump is widely known for his big mouth and weird words. Trump used ‘ Bigly ‘ becomes a top trending search on Google. 

Donald Trump Bigly

Is bigly a word?

Republican front-runner Donald Trump is famous for using some very unusual words during his speeches. He also has a weird speech pattern that many people have difficulty comprehending.

Trump is likely to accelerate the division of the world on religious lines, which could end in the ‘clash of civilizations”.

It was during the third presidential debate–and the final one–when he used the word ‘Bigly.’ This word seems to be his favorite.

He used ‘Bigly’ in the middle of a heated discussion regarding the immigration record of the incumbent president Barack Obama.

Apparently, Donald Trump was trying to convey the message that president Obama had deported a whole lot of people, possibly millions.

Trump said:

“He doesn’t want to say that, but that’s what’s happened… bigly.”

What is the meaning of  ‘Bigly’ word!

What is very astonishing in this whole scenario is the fact that ‘Bigly’ is actually a word.

On the other side, many people thought that it was not an English word and was one of Trump’s verbal creations in a moment of excitement.

However, the Oxford English Dictionary says that ‘Bigly’ is an English word.

It is notable that, the word ‘Bigly’ means ‘with great force according to the Oxford dictionary.

In the light of this revelation, it becomes certain that Donald Trump has more grasp of English language than a lot of us.

However, after his father used the ‘Bigly’ word during the first presidential debate, Trump’s son, Eric told a famous newspaper that his father had said ‘big league’.

In a hurry, ‘big league’ sounded like ‘Bigly.’ Fair enough. But there was no need for this clarification. ‘Bigly’ is actually an English word.


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