Reasons For Failed Relationship

It is obvious that being human we are social animals. That is why we crave a relationship that is intimate. However, sustaining an intimate relationships is not an easy task. A vast majority of first marriages end in failure. Subsequent marriages are not successful in most cases either.


Intimate relationship!

Intimate relationships are mostly collapsed due to trust issues.Trust is necessary for creating and maintaining an intimate relationships.

If there is no trust, the relationships will eventually crash on the partners. Trust is something that is built with time. No one can simply inject it into a relationship.

Daily relationship!

Infidelity and jealousy can be the enemies of daily relationships. In the context, the result of physical to emotional stresses, and can impact both the partners.

If one of the partners is jealous of the achievements of the other. It can also destroy the relationships. Since, jealousy can eat away at the admiration that one partner has for the other.

Marriage relationship!

Marriage relationships, is supposed to be the strongest relationships but it is also affected by trust issues.

It is not necessary that there is actual breach of trust, on the part of one of the partners or both of them. Simply the accusation of infidelity can break down the whole relationships forever.

Long term relationship!

Long term relationships is created when both the partners accept each other into their lives’ orbits and accept each other for a long time. The majority of the people crave this kind of relationships since it offers security and emotional well-being.

The most important building block of this relationship is also. If there is no trust, the relationships will come to an end.

Relationship advice!

There are many people who would offer relationships advice to partners. In most cases, this advice touches the general issues that ruin a relationships. This relationship fails to address the deep issues that tarnish a relationships.

Although, couples who have the intention of being in the relationships for a longer period would always communicate with each other in a comprehensive manner.

Rather than blaming each other all the time. I think both of them would work towards the betterment of the relationships, and how they can strive to become good partners for each other.

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