Former champion Goldberg announces return to WWE

Fans of the WWE Raw were delighted on Monday when former heavyweight champion Goldberg announced returned to the fray. Bill Goldberg accepted the challenge of Brock Lesnar for a match at ‘Survivor Series’ scheduled for the next month.

Goldberg WWE return

Goldberg WWE return!

Goldberg filled the Pepsi Center and fans began chanting his name until he made an appearance on the screen.

Bill indulged in his trademark walk towards the ring with several current WWE superstars lining the arena and encouraging the champion of the yesteryear as he passed.

The famous wrestler received a great reception when he arrived through all the smoke. It wasn’t actually a surprise that Goldberg has returned to the WWE.

Since he was one of the characters on WWE2K17 which is the latest game released recently.

At first stated to his fans that he was not interested in a single match. However, he suddenly changed in mind and revealed his desire to become a superhero one more time.

He also warned Lesnar that he would be the last person to challenge him.

Goldberg WWE Raw!

Goldberg told his fans that he had never thought he would enter the ring again. He also thanked them for their support.

He further said that it was exciting that his wife and son will be watching him live for the very first time.

In the context, former champion said that he was missing the ring and being a superhero to all the kinds around the world.

The WWE RAW superstar stated that it was a great thing that Broke Lesnar challenged him for a fight.

He made fun of Lesnar by saying that he did not have the courage to do it himself and that is why he has asked Paul Heyman to do it.

While, bill was having the time of his life in the ring alongside his son Gage. It was confirmed by WWE that Brock Lesnar will be appearing next week and would be personally responding to Goldberg.

Goldberg and Brock Lesnar clashed at Wrestle Mania. Bill was triumphant in the fighting. But, when it became known that both of them were leaving WWE after the match, fans became uninterested in the outcome.

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