2 – Year Old Noah Chamberlin Found

Two-year-old Noah Chamberlin was found after a desperate search which resulted in a tragedy. Conspiracy theorists suspects hi parents of involvement in the disappearance.

2 year Old Noah Chamberlin Found

The body of the young boy Noah Chamberlin was found one and a half miles from the house of his grandmother in the Chester County, Tennessee. This was on Thursday – a week after the boy had vanished during a hike.

Police have stated that his death was a very tragic accident. They only revealed that Noah Chamberlin was found inside a clearing.

Only a few hours before Noah Chamberlin was found, Investigators were hopeful that he was alive. They insisted that they had gotten hold of important evidence near the spot in the woods where he had disappeared.

Everyone who knew the boy said that he loved running and would do it all the time. He would jump over tables, and then run without stopping for a moment to catch his breath. He also loved to hide from people. He would even beat adults at running. They were never able to catch him.

An autopsy will reveal the cause of his death.

Police are saying that when Noah Chamberlin was found his body was lying outside a grid which had been thoroughly scoured by the searchers only a day before.

Police and had searched around 1,000 acres in the search for the toddler. The scope of the search was increased everyday in order to find him in the woods.

Three were conspiracy theories too that were hovering above the entire investigation. Some of the conspiracy theorists believed that the parents of the missing boy, Jacob and Destiny were involved in the disappearance. Investigators, however, did not believe in such theories.

2 year Old Noah Chamberlin Found with family

The same conspiracy theorists have been urging the police to carry out a raid on the family’s home. There were some very weird claims that the parents had covered the little boy with concrete or buried him somewhere on the family property.

In a press conference held by Chester County Sheriff Blair Weaver, he said that there is no reason to discredit the family. They had been interviewed many times and there was simply no reason to suspect them.

Law enforcement officers told that Noah went missing on Thursday when he was having a walk in the woods located behind the Pinson Home belonging to his grandparents. He was taken on a hike along with his 4-year-old sister by their grandmother who said that Noah was suddenly not with them.

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