Kate Hudson Bares Her Bottom to Entice Nick Jonas

There is a spark and some chemistry between the two, but nothing concrete as yet.

Kate Hudson, the famous actress, once bared her bottom inside a bathtub and posted her picture on Instagram in order to catch the attention of Nick Jonas.

Kate Hudson Bares Her Bottom to Entice Nick Jonas Instagram

Well, this is not something which is unheard of. But it is true. Kate Hudson did bare her ass on the social media website to make Nick Jonas jealous. The US weekly has reported that they had an on again, off again relationship and Kate Hudson really wanted to do something that would catch his attention. The start of the hit movie ‘Almost famous’ now 36 years old, asked her stylist, Sophie Lopez to post a naked picture of her wiggling inside a bathtub, on the a social media website.

Lopez captioned the picture: #JustAnotherDayAtTheOffice. One can see that Kate Hudson’s back is only covered with soap suds.

Kate Hudson commented on the picture:

“Omg! You’re so fired! #Fabletics,”

The photo came on the instagram when the 23 year old singer of ‘Chains’ had seemingly cooled off with Kate Hudson.

It had previously been recorded that Kate Hudson and Nick Jonas had started dating after being introduced to each other by Oliver Hudson. Oliver is Kate’s brother. He is also Jonas’ costar in Scream Queens. The pair started off in September last year.  A source close to the duo told the US magazine that there was sparked between the two of them that instantly went off.

Kate Hudson and Nick Jonas were first seen together in Disneyland in the September of last year. Only a month after their first sighting together, the duo was once again seen partying in the New York City. A witness who had spotted the twosome told US that they were dancing quite close to each other. It definitely seemed like a romantic date.

Despite the initial spark and the ensuing chemistry between the two celebrities, there is nothing concrete between them for the time being. One source close to Kate Hudson revealed that they are both having quite a lot of fun together. Kate Hudson is seeing him as a fun pastime and a hookup for the time being.

There has been no word on the issue from either Jonas or Hudson. They were last united in California at Mammoth Lakes where they had come for a Ski trip. This happened during the earlier parts of the month.

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