Clinton Emails Reveal Her Mishandling of Classified Information

An ongoing investigation into the Clinton emails has discovered that the former secretary of State cared little for classification procedure.

Clinton emails

Intelligence agencies and the Department of State are almost finished analyzing the Clinton emails and messages that have been recovered from the private server that Hillary Clinton used for the purpose of conducting public business when she was serving as the secretary of state.

The contents in the Clinton emails – the periodic dumps for documents – have become highly sensitive. The state has been referring all the Clinton emails that they deem sensitive, to the agency for their review and consideration since they are the ones with jurisdiction over the data in question. This means that the most sensitive of the Clinton emails are still being reviewed and dribbled out.

The number of classified messages that have yet been disclosed from Clinton emails on the server has passed the 1300 mark but the explanations offered by her are becoming more and more improvised and absurd.

Only last summer Ms. Clinton was insisting that she never sent any material that was classified or received anything that was marked as such. This statement came after she abandoned the previous claims that she had a different private email account for convenience purposes.

Obviously she was preoccupied with the problems of the world and found it unnecessary to waste time on navigating through the intricacies of official accounts.

When she was asked by an officer who was investigating the matter of Clinton emails, whether her server had been wiped, she seemed genuinely baffled by the question and asked the inquisitor whether he meant wiped with a cloth? She seemed to have no idea at all how the wiping was carried out digitally.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Ms. Clinton’s server contained information that could only be regarded as the most highly classified. Such information is known as Special Access program or SAP. It is so classified information that the official who reported about their discovery could only examine them after obtaining permission from the highest level.

Hillary Clinton emails on the server also showed message that made clear her dislike for the classification procedure. However, it does not mean that she had no idea how it actually worked. She had given direction to members of the staff to erase the header on classified document. This effectively converted the document in question to ‘unpaper’. It was then sent to a device that could be deemed unsecure.

The State Department has made it known that they suggested providing a Blackberry to Ms. Clinton. The BlackBerry would not compromise her identity, but it may be able to generation communication that could be discovered later at some point in time under the ‘Freedom of Information’ Act.

The idea was dropped after the intervention of Ms. Clinton’s most trusted aide, Huma Abedin. There is very little chance that any criminal charges can be leveled. Clinton emails, however, do reveal that at times she deliberately encouraged disregarding of classification rules. The investigation has also revealed that at several instances, she had been guilty of mishandling important information.

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