5 Gifts for New Car Owners They’ll Appreciate

Are you looking to get someone a gift for their birthday, a holiday, or an otherwise special day? If they’ve just gotten a new vehicle, we have some ideas you can look into! Below, we offer some simple but great gift ideas for new car owners we know they’ll appreciate!

Car Wash Gift Card or Membership

One of the tenants of owning a car is keeping it clean, but car washes can be expensive. Help the new owner out with a gift card or membership to a local car wash! Many car washes allow you to buy gift cards or even monthly or yearly memberships, so you can gift them up to a year of a clean car.

Mini Car Vacuum

While we’re talking about gifts to keep the car clean, a mini car vacuum is another great idea for a new car owner. Car washes will keep the outside clean, but a new mini vacuum will help the new owner keep the interior clean as well.

This will be especially helpful if the new owner has pets or kids, as hair and food crumbs can get everywhere! Cordless vacuums are best, as they’re easy to handle and use in the small space of a vehicle.

Front and Rear Dash Cam

Another gift a new car owner will appreciate is a front and rear dash cam. Hopefully, they’ll never get into an accident or collision. But if they do, having a documented video of the incident is invaluable. Their new dashcam could do wonders for insurance claims and avoiding traffic-related lawsuits.

Portable Tire Inflator

You could also consider maintenance and safety as your gift to the new car owner. One convenient and valuable gift every car owner would love is a portable tire inflator.

A portable tire inflator is a must-have tire product to keep in your vehicle. It allows you to inflate and adjust the vehicle’s tire pressure when needed. It can also save you in the event of a flat by inflating the tire enough to make it home or to a service station.

Diagnostic Code Reader

We all dread seeing the check engine light activate on our dashboard, but with a diagnostic code reader, you can take some of the unease out of sight. A diagnostic code reader is something you hook up to your car that’ll tell you exactly why your vehicle’s software activated the dashboard light. This way, car owners can know exactly what the problem is and how to fix it instead of paying money to bring it in for an inspection.

We hope our gift guide has given you some good ideas on what to get the new car owner in your life. And whatever you get your friend or family member, consider getting one for yourself while you’re at it!

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