5 Mobile Game Genres That Are Well-Suited for Android

If you visit the Google play store today, one thing will stand out: mobile games are some of the most downloaded, and high earning categories. As long as individuals have some spare time on their hands, these games will continue to be a normal fixture on smartphone devices.

Mobile Game Genres

The fact that they come in all shapes and sizes also helps to make them more appealing. Below is a look at the best mobile game genres suggested by The Icon Tech.

1. Arcade

When it comes to genres of mobile games for android, it’s no longer a secret that arcade games have taken over this market segment. In the past year, the games accounted for close to 63.1 million downloads. Arcade games are a genre that tends to place a lot of emphasis on the gameplay as opposed to the content of the story.

They are, therefore, in a position to provide their players with shorter levels, which continue to become more difficult and challenging as the player advances. In short, arcade games are characterized by simple gameplay, instant challenges, and short playtimes.

2. Action

Action themed mobile games for android comes at a close second with close to 61.5 million downloads in the last few months. If interested in playing this genre, you should know that it emphasizes hand-eye coordination, physical challenges, reaction time, and reflexes.

In action games, the main point is to try and ensure that the main character will not be killed. Examples of games in this category include Legacy of Discord, The Musketeers, and Gangster City.

3. Puzzle

At the moment, the puzzle mobile games account for 50% of all arcade game downloads. The main focus of these games is sequence solving, word competition, and problem-solving skills.

Players receive an unlimited number of attempts and time to try and complete the puzzle at hand. Some of the most common games in this genre include Fishdom, Linelight, Wood Block Puzzle, and Pirate Treasures.

4. Adventure

More than 31.9 million people have taken their pick of adventure games for android in the last one year. This is a genre best suited for players who like to go on adventures, either in the real world or in the virtual world.

In many cases, the focus of games in this genre is placed on a particular story. Additionally, the games are often designed as single-player games, with the emphasis being on the character.

Good examples of games in this genre are Alice in the Mirrors, Leo and Tig, Seekers Notes, Hidden City, and Mystery of Shadows.

5. Simulation

This is yet another popular category with more than 34.1 million downloads. Games in this genre normally simulate real-life activities. At times, you will find that the game doesn’t have any strictly defined goal. The player will thus be empowered to control the game’s character in any way they see fit.

Examples of simulation games include Heroes and Mouse Simulator, Dragon Mania, Stickman Destruction 3, and Pocket Tower. These examples are a representation of games that have so far surpassed the one million mark in terms of user downloads.


Even though there are no defined criteria for choosing games that will help excel you at mobile gaming, knowing which genres are the best can easily simplify your life. You should first take some time to study the mobile gaming market segment before making any decision on which games to download or subscribe to. A careful look at the market will enable you to make an informed decision, which will also make it easier for you to game on your phone.

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