8 Security Tips to Keep Your Android Device Secure

There are more than 2 billion users around the world, where Android is the most prominent OS for cell phone devices. Regardless of its popularity, certain security constraints can affect its performance. To control people’s devices, hackers use restraints like Viruses, Malware, Ransomware, and fake applications.

Tips to Keep Your Android Device Secure

A hacker can steal your credentials, logins, passwords, contact addresses, credit card details, emails, SMS packages, calendar information, emails, and other sensitive information. Certain cybercriminals use Trojan to control the microphone and camera to spy the users in real-time.

Along with the hackers, the governments and ISP also spy on people’s data, and the service providers even perform low-level surveillance.

So to keep your Android devices safe and secure, below are 8 tips to help you around:

1. Secure Android OS with a VPN

To keep your Android phone secure and maintain the privacy of your data, a fast VPN like surfshark can be beneficial. A VPN can provide security measures for the Android device by doing three things:

  1. A VPN is able to encrypt your entire data, which gives you watertight digital privacy and also stops the ISPs from performing compulsory data retention on the government’s behalf.
  2. A VPN also conceals the actual IP address so that the websites you access cannot track it. By hiding your IP, the location is also protected from hackers and another malicious army online.
  3. Furthermore, VPN also protects the device from hacking when we connect it to the public WiFi hotspots. The encryption that a VPN provider means that in no way the hackers can steal or access your data via a public WiFi.

2. Update the latest version of Android

A VPN is no doubt an essential security tool; despite this, it cannot protect you against everything. So for that, there are other tools to secure your Android.

A VPN is a vital security tool, but it will not protect you against everything. There are a number of other things you can do to secure your Android: The Android developers are usually in search of new vulnerabilities as soon as they discover the latest version of Android. 

Therefore it is advisable to update the operating system as soon as the update is made live and available. This is because the applications are continuously fixing and finding vulnerabilities. Hence you should keep yourself up to date whenever the updates are made available.

3 Install a good Anti-virus for Android

There is a =huge number of security applications for Android. However, most of them are not recommended. Therefore it is advisable to opt for Malware bytes for Android as it is available for free and consists of all the features you need. It also enables you to upgrade the system to get real-time protection.

4. Check permissions before installing apps

 If the applications have persistent permissions to a large extent that are in no way relevant to the particular functionality, then you shouldn’t install them. The applications that ask for access to IMEI/IMSI and MAC numbers, contact lists, device details, SMS messages, etc. are the ones performing hidden scrutiny on your device. So it is better to stay away.

5. Password protect and encrypt your device.

If the android device is stolen or lost, and you were not able to protect it properly, then the result could be losing all the sensitive data. Therefore, it is advisable to go for a strong password and full disk encryption.

6. Turn off permissions for apps from unknown sources.

If you turn on this feature at any point, then make sure that you turn it off again for maximum level security. Download and install applications from the actual and official app stores or popular services like APKForge and Android Drawer. Analyze the reviews before you install the apps.

7. Surf Cleverly

You have to be careful regarding the websites you choose to visit and the links you click on. In order to recognize malicious websites, you can also opt for TrendMicro.

8. Watch out phishing emails and text messages.

These are the techniques used to trick the android users so that they end up clicking on a link that delivers malware onto their devices.

Therefore, it can be concluded that there are a lot of things that can be used to protect the Android phone buy using a VPN is essential of all.

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