Is it possible for a company to survive without a web presence in 2020?

Online presence of your business – We are in the middle of the digital era where people are increasingly connected to various devices for everything, such as getting information to purchasing products and interacting with others. Likewise, digital technology has also influenced the business world to a larger extent. Many companies are doing their entire business online and are earning millions of dollars.

online presence of your business

Facebook, for instance, is worth over USD 93 billion and runs its entire business deals online. All large companies need to maintain an online presence if they want to cater to customers across the globe or to maintain their market share. The disadvantage that they will suffer would be too huge for them to survive and they will be forced to close off. Many small businesses are spending huge kind of money on using web designs for promotion purposes. Even if you’re a small business, web design plays a crucial role in expanding your reach.

Effect of not having an online presence of your business

The first thing that you should know is that those businesses that do not have an online presence will sell fewer products. If you do not market your products on a platform that is easily accessible across the globe, you will often find your business lagging behind your competitors who do have a presence on various social platforms. This may be an issue if your customers are not in your proximity and only know about your products from word of mouth or come across it by chance.

Another important aspect that many business owners have forgotten is that the digital market has ultimately led to higher competition. This is because now physical boundaries do not stop businesses from catering to customers and anyone across the globe has access to their products. All they have to do is to visit the website and pay for the product that they like. So if we look at things from perspective, most businesses no longer compete with the other stores across the town but with other businesses that are physically located hundreds of miles away.

Another point to remember is to keep the customer preference in mind since they will usually purchase from the first store that they come across and since you do not maintain an online presence it will likely not be from your store. If you look at all those businesses that do not maintain an online presence and are successful, a common trait you will find is that all of them have very loyal customers who only purchase from these stores considering them to be reliable.

If you are just starting, having an online account should be one of your priorities since people will not trust your products at first but having an online presence will make you look reliable. With a proper digital marketing campaign, you will likely catch up with your competition.

Poor Customer Relations

The main advantage of having a website is that you can reach out to your potential customers with relative ease. The visitors will likely understand your business by simply browsing through your website. However, the absence of the website will leave a negative image of your company for customers. They will either form a bad impression about your company or will believe that your business does not cater to a wide market which might stop you from trusting your brand with their purchase. You will likely miss the opportunity to interact with your customers who would have provided you with relevant feedback that would have helped your business in the long run.

Huge costs involved with the advertisement

Advertisement plays a key role in the world of eCommerce. It provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs to compete on an equal basis with their already established rivals. However, advertising is expensive and using the services of radio, television and print media can have an impact on your pockets. Investing in the advertisement is necessary for the survival of your business since it will make your products visible in the market. One of the advantages of maintaining an online presence is that you can promote your products without facing too many expenses. It is likely to be more effective due to having a high reach across the globe.

Poor accessibility

Having a site will enable the customers to have access to your information without a hassle. They will have a thorough idea about your products and services and can get it within just a few clicks while sitting comfortably in their homes. Without a website, you will not be able to facilitate your consumers and will likely impact your sales since people will not be aware of your services.


To conclude, if you are satisfied with the size of your business, you may be able to consider not having an online presence for a while but you cannot be successful for long based on the current trends where everything is adapting to the digital world. You do not need to do everything at once but slowly adapting can also benefit your company both in the short and long term.

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