5 Simple Health Secrets to Help You Look Like a Celebrity

In America, Hollywood stars are the closest thing we have to royalty. For better or worse, many of us look up to them and want to look, act, and feel like they do. Most celebrities, both male and female, have teams of stylists, makeup artists, and even wardrobe assistants to help them craft their looks. Nothing against these highly trained and creative professionals, but if you want to walk into a room and light it up like a star, you only really need to focus on a few crucial details.

5 Simple Health Secrets to Help You Look Like a Celebrity

That doesn’t mean it will happen overnight, but if you follow these five steps and stick with them, you will see results.

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Drink Plenty of Water

Obviously, what goes into your body makes a huge difference in how you look and feel. Everything from healthy fruit and vegetable smoothies and power life supplements, to junk food and alcohol will move the needle one way or the other. One of, if not the, best things you can put in your body is plenty of water. Water is great for keeping your skin healthy, helps every part of your body function properly, and can even help make you more alert. While water won’t wash away unhealthy habits, it can only help. Some experts believe a half-ounce of water daily for every pound of bodyweight is the magic number. Others argue that for active people, it is not ridiculous to shoot for a full gallon each day.

Get Your Beauty Sleep

The other simple and obvious trick to looking like a star is sleeping like one. You may think that Hollywood celebs are constantly on the go with busy shooting schedules and appearances. This is certainly true, but they also can’t afford to look tired. Try for at least seven to seven-and-a-half hours of sleep nightly. Eight to nine hours is even better if you can swing it. This will not only benefit your looks but should reduce stress and even help you maintain a healthy weight!

Moisturize and Protect Your Face

Ultimately, a star’s face is their “moneymaker,” and they must do whatever they can to make it look its best. Moisturizing is critical to keeping up a healthy, youthful-looking face. If you have dry skin, moisturizer will help it develop a healthy glow and prevent (or at least, reduce) wrinkles. You may be thinking, “My skin is naturally oily; do I want to put a cream on it?” The answer is “yes.” You just need to seek one to fights or mattifies oils.

You also need to wear sunscreen every single day. You may be thinking, “All my favorite celebrities have suntans.” Chances are that they wear moisturizers with built-in SPF protection, usually at least SPF 15. That will prevent excess damage from the sun while still letting some light in.

Feed Your Skin Overnight

Now, let’s talk about what you can do for your face overnight. While you are sleeping and staying still, your face can replenish and get lots of healthy nutrients from night creams and moisturizers. Those containing Retinol are particularly helpful in keeping appearances youthful. A word of caution: any new skincare routine takes some getting used to. With Retinol-based night creams, you may experience redness or breakouts at first. Stick with it past the first month, and the results should level out.

Build a Sustainable Diet and Exercise Routine

 Let’s get to the part nobody likes. If you want to look like a celebrity, you need to eat and work out like one. Recognize that while there are dozens of trendy diets and exercise routines celebs will swear by, but what works for one person may not for another. Or, it may be a lose weight/get ripped plan that forces extreme calorie deficits and is unsustainable. Research and try different diets and routines. Find ones you like enough to stick with them. Over time they will pay off if you keep your heart rate up and burn more calories than you take in.

Put in the work with these five practices, and you’ll be on your way to all-star looks!

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