5 Warning Signs and Symptoms of Blood Clots

5 warning signs and symptoms of blood clots; Blood clot looks like a gel and it changes from a liquid. It also prevents you from losing too much blood in certain cases like an accident, any injury or cut, during pregnancy and due to surgery. This may also very dangerous and serious condition. In this article, we discuss 5 warning signs and symptoms of blood clots which are dangerous for your health.

Signs and symptoms of blood clots:

DVT is big clot which takes place in your body. It may occur in your brain, leg, and pelvis and even in lungs. A still blood clot usually won’t damage you, but there is a possibility that it could shift and turn out to be risky. This may break blood flow in certain part of your body. There are a lot of signs and symptoms of blood clots.

Signs and symptoms of blood clots

Early warning Signs and symptoms of blood clots:

Sometimes there are no noticeable and clear signs and symptoms of blood clots in the body. They may same from the signs of other diseases. First you should concern with your doctor if you notice any sign of it. Your doctor prescribes you what you should do.

Blood Clot in the Leg:

Blood clots take place mostly in your legs. It is not important that you have blood clots in your both legs. There is some signs and symptom of blood clots in legs as well:

  • You feel Pain
  • Swelling, Tenderness
  • Warm feelings
  • You also feel pain in calf as you stretch your toes up
  • A light or bluish staining

Blood Clot in the Leg

Blood Clot in the Lungs:

When blot clots happen in your lungs, it may also unsafe for your health which is called Pulmonary Embolism. It’s obvious and possible signs and symptoms of blood clots are:

  • You have to experience bad breath
  • Pain in your chest
  • Fast heart beat
  • Breathing issues
  • Coughing up blood

Blood Clot in the Lungs

Blood Clot in the Heart:

There are not many chances for making blood clots in the heart but it may occur. A blood clot in the heart could reason your chest to damage or feel heavy. Light-headedness and bad breath are other possible signs and symptoms of blood clots in the heart.

Blood Clot in the Heart

Blood Clot in the Brain:

A blood clots in your brain could reason an unexpected and bad headache along with some other signs, as well as you may observe sudden trouble talking or seeing.

Blood Clot in the Brain

Blood Clot in the Abdomen:

It is also a signs and symptoms of blood clots if you feel pain in you abdomen with vomiting or diarrhea it may reason of blood clot in your abdomen.

Blood Clot in the Abdomen

These as well could be indications of a stomach virus or food poisoning.

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