8 Email Marketing Tips and Tricks For Newbies

This article has been researched and written for Email marketing tips and tricks for beginners. However, it is also an ideal read to refresh the knowledge of the experienced and the seasoned Email marketers out there.

Pick the Right Email Service:

Different Email service providers come with their own unique attributes and features. Some of the outstanding features to be on the look-out for include:-

  • Physical memory size allocation
  • Address books
  • Import social media functions
  • POP & IMAP support
  • Security measures & Anti-Virus protection
  • RSS readers

Allow us to first reiterate the fact that before you chose any particular Email marketing tips and tricks over the others then you have to put into consideration the kinds of people you are interacting with.

8 Email Marketing Tips and Tricks For Newbies services

Choose one option over the other after you have properly defined your target audience and the type of website you are working with.

Add A Subscribe Now Link:

A simple fill in form where your visitors get a chance to input their personal information in order to get logged in and to also make it possible for you to contact them in the future is a must-have tool.

8 Email Marketing Tips and Tricks For Newbies subscribe form

Segment Your Target Audience:

The themes you use to send Emails with to your e-commerce subscribers is not the same as the one you would use to communicate with the subscribers.  Make sure you are well aware of the exact kinds of people who are interested in what you have.

8 Email Marketing Tips and Tricks For Newbies Target Audience

Offer Your New Leads Freebies & Gifts:

Our fourth Email marketing tips and tricks is showing the existing and the new subscribers that you actually care about them. To do so you could offer them free information, free advice and give them a first-row seat to information that is behind the scenes and somewhat privileged to the outside person.

8 Email Marketing Tips and Tricks For Newbies Freebies & Gifts

Convince Your Followers to Also Like Your Other Pages:

Essentially, the more the connections between you and your leads the higher the likelihood your content gets more exposure.

Have A Personalized & A Tailor-Made Email Address name:

It doesn’t cost a lot to have an Email address that contains your names, your company’s name. People are going to trust you more if you have an Email address that is reflecting your own name unlike the case when you send them Emails containing all manner of funny names and characters within them.

Gently Arm-Twist People To Make Decisions, Quickly:

Research has shown that email recipients are more prone to agreeing to deals with an expiry date. In other words, marketers who send emails containing a message for instance, only 10 days left for this or that deal and/or offer get more positive results and outcomes as opposed to those who don’t utilize this seemingly harmless strategy.

Quality, Quality and Quality:

Make sure all your emails are filled with vital information always. Avoid being drawn into the awful habits of filling your Emails with promotional content that has the real potential of turning off and really pissing off your recipients.

8 Email Marketing Tips and Tricks For Newbies quality

Marketers talk of the 80/20 rule whereby the majority of the information ought to be useful, enlightening and the remaining 20% is where the promotional stuff comes in. Take time to ponder about the choice of words you use on the Email. Learn how to come up with catchy and eye-catching subjects that people simply can’t be able to turn down. This is arguably the number one Email marketing tips and tricks of them all.

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