9 Beneficial Foods that Prevent Inflammation in Your Body

Inflammation is a bad health condition which has left many harmful effects on your health and it ruins everything. You also want to protect your body from this harmful disease and give relieve to your swelled and painful body part. Here we discuss 9 beneficial foods that prevent inflammation in your body.

Prevent Inflammation:

These foods have anti-inflammatory possessions that can support to prevent inflammation.

Prevent Inflammation

Fatty fish:

Fish provide you omega-3 fatty acids like Salmon, tuna, mackerel, and sardines. It can reduce inflammation as well as prevent inflammation. You need to eat a healthy cooked fish, at least, one time in a week.

Fatty fish

Olive Oil:

Olive oil has beneficial compounds which help you in prevent inflammation from your body. The study shows that extra virgin oil stops the production of COX-1 and COX-2 enzymes in the body that reason inflammation. You can use it in foods as well as in your healthy salads.

Olive Oil

Purple Sweet Potatoes:

Purple Sweet potatoes can help prevent inflammation in the body. It has anti-inflammatory agents. If you eat it on the regular basis it may help you in decreasing irritation or inflammation from a body.

Purple Sweet Potatoes


The dark leafy vegetable is also great for prevent inflammation as well as reduce inflammation from the body. You can make a salad, smoothie and soup with this anti- inflammatory vegetable. It can also decrease your headache, asthmatic inflammation and arthritis pain.



Nuts are also beneficial food for preventing inflammation. Nuts are a great source of inflammation-fighting fats which are contained in almonds and walnuts.


Low-Fat Dairy:

Low-fat dairy is great for prevent inflammation and its great source of nutrients. Yogurt can as well hold probiotics, which can decrease gut inflammation.

Low-fat dairy

Ginger and Turmeric:

Ginger and garlic use in Asian foods and both have anti-inflammatory properties in it. These healthy vegetables work separately for prevent inflammation. Ginger has been revealed to decrease inflammation in the intestines when it is used in supplement form.

Ginger and turmeric


Blueberries are also worked like an anti-inflammatory agent and also are low in fat and low calories food. Regular eating of blueberries reduces the danger of developing arthritis. You can take in blueberries in smoothies, cereals and fruit salad.



Broccoli has a lot of vitamin C and calcium in it. It as well struggles against eye inflammation.


You must ensure lightly steam your broccoli to digest it properly.

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  • Good information. It’s very important that people understand that preventing inflammation is THE KEY to being healthy. Our poor health is at epidemic proportions and it’s only going to get worse. I am a physician and I have seen it first hand. Diseases like cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, auto-immune disease, heart disease and even depression are all likely caused by inflammation in the body. The sad thing is that it is SO easy to change (but the drug companies – and even many doctors – don’t want it to change). Drug companies and doctors would suffer greatly (financially) if everyone was healthy, lean, and fit – and didn’t need to take prescription drugs for years or decades in older age (or now, even at younger ages). A great free ebook explains it all, tells the TRUTH, and has the answers …