A Guide to the Smart Home Technology Every Pet Owner Needs

Home automation can make your life easier. Smart home systems are more secure and time management becomes more comfortable. Home automation is the magic that we were waiting for – now, it can make the lives of your pets better as well. If you read All Pets Expert, you know that home automation helps you to keep pets living the lifestyle they deserve.

Smart Home Technology Every Pet Owner Needs

What You Need in a Smart Home

Home automation is moved beyond brewing a fresh cup of coffee every morning. Here are some great gadgets that can create a pet-friendly utopia. Smart home devices have changed the landscape for pet owners. From automated dog doors to feeders controlled via Bluetooth, a home with pet-centered smart home technology will ensure that your furry friend is happy and safe.

  1. Pet Cameras

Families have been installing security cameras inside and outside their homes for quite a long time. However, these smart home security cameras are typically used for general surveillance and were not an excellent option for monitoring pets. But today, the evolution of cameras has resulted in a new type of camera that can be used to survey your pets accurately.

Most of these pet cameras, like the Furbo Dog Camera, are designed to keep an eye on your pet.  Some even allow you to interact with them when you are away from home, providing added stimulation and peace of mind for your pet. Alternatively, some GoPro-type pet surveillance cameras can be attached to the collar of your pet. This camera will allow you to see the day from your pet’s point of view.

2. Motion Sensors

There is nothing more important than your pet’s safety. Hence, motion sensors are quite useful to make sure that your dogs or cats do not fall into any problem. If you are at work or asleep in your room, motion sensors will alert you if the pet wanders into trouble.

Also, you can set motion sensors to monitor your pets when they are playing in the yard or inside different rooms. Pressure sensors can be added to your furniture and sofa if you do not want your pet to be lounging on it. Motion sensors can also be set up near a litter box that can trigger a room deodorizer when activated.

Motion sensor

3. Food Dispensers

Your pets need to be fed daily. However, mistakes can happen like you got caught up at work longer than expected; your pet is tripping over its food dish, etc. Luckily, pet technology has taken care of the problem by introducing automatic food dispensers.

For single pet owners, there are automatic pet feeders, like the Petnet SmartFeeder. It can dispense dry food at scheduled intervals and can also be managed via your smartphones. Some feeders also provide a nutritional score to evaluate your pet’s diet to determine the serving sizes and feeding frequencies. For homes with more than a single pet, you will see feeders in the market that uses RFID technology to recognize which animal is at its bowl and dispenses food accordingly. It ensures that your dogs are not eating cat food and vice versa.

Food dispenser

4. Exercise Equipment

Like humans, even pets need exercise to stay fit and healthy. Thankfully, smart pet technology exists today that inspires physical activities. For instance, a pet treadmill for cats, like The Little Cat, is fitted with LED light to follow your cat’s movement and gives it something to chase. These techs are quite innovative and will ensure that your pets engage in physical activities and not simply stave off to boredom or obesity. You can control these exercise equipment with the help of your smartphones.

5. Self-Cleaning Litter Box

While it is hard to admit, no one likes to clean a litter box. Even though it is an essential part of pet ownership, this task cannot be described as thrilling and often hard to fit into a busy schedule. But self-cleaning litter boxes have arrived that will do all the dirty work. Some of these litter boxes can also be used with apps, like the Lavvie Bot, which has already started its first funding campaign. This litter box differentiates between cats based on their weights and even sends you a message when the tray needs to be emptied.


All these smart home products and gadgets are not just beneficial for your pets; they are helpful for you as well! The devices mentioned above are just some of the many smart home pet gadgets you will see. If you are ready to jump into the world of smart home technology, you can start with your pets. If you have any questions or would like to leave behind your thoughts, you can do so in our comment section below. If you like what you read, do not forget to share it among your friends on your social media!

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