A New Turn! ISIS Control over Ramadi

With the recent activates in Iraq a new turn of events was seen in the past few days particularly when Islamic State’s latest advance in Iraq, that leaks the Iraqi army’s enduring letdown to become an operative fighting force. U.S plays an effective role in this and US officials have tried to moderate the damage of Ramadi, the capital of Iraq’s and Sunni-majority Anbar Governorate. It can be considered as the fall of Ramadi is not only a depressing representative loss for the Iraqi government and its allies.

A New Turn! ISIS Control over Ramadi

If we review the current situation holding Ramadi provides the Islamic State terror group a position 75 miles from Baghdad, and rises religious ferocity in one of Iraq’s main cities.

Now, Shia militias supported and trained by Iran are directing in to crack to recapture Ramadi from the Islamic State (also known as ISIS, ISIL, and Daesh). These militias have been alleged of constraining slaughters against Sunni civilians. But American bureaucrats had silently waiting and hoping that the Iraqi army could hold on to Ramadi with the militias’ assistance.

This is the dominant mystery of the operation contrary to ISIS. The two countries whose territory ISIS has taken, Iraq and Syria, are involved in battles that are nearly exclusively determined by religion. In Iraq, the agenda is vastly spreading among the Sunni and. Shiite vs. Kurd.

In Syria, the Sunni resistance, conquered by ISIS and the Al Qaeda franchise Jabhat al-Nusra, is fronting against a government dominated by an Alawite section. In Iraq and in Syria, the only operative rebellious forces on either side are established in sect or traditions.

According to American Media the entire scenario is circling around the agenda that:

“What happened in Ramadi over the weekend revealed just how misplaced any optimism about Iraq really is? The fall of Ramadi has been followed by a stream of analysis saying the US strategy in Iraq, and it’s now 11-month old military campaign against ISIS in Iraq, is failing.

The US doesn’t want to commit ground troops to the fight against ISIS in Iraq. But the Iraqi army doesn’t seem up to the task either. Troops fled Ramadi during ISIS offensive over the weekend, leaving US military equipment behind for ISIS to seize.”

Presently ISIS has a sweep of control through Syria and Iraq that provides ISIS the capability to run provide where necessary the fighters from western Syria accurately to Baghdad’s entrance. The Iraqi capital is still run by Iraq’s main Shiite, and US and Iranian-supported government.

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