U.S raid teaches lesson to Islamic state

As per information of Jihadist sources U.S army raided Syria and apprehended some Jihadist group of people inclusive to others important figures of Jihadist group. The sources declared that it was because of internal spine who had be U.S army which eventually got constraint the Islamic state to introduce a new recruitment procedure enabling them to encounter such attacks. We can have the lesson from this.

US raid Syria

The fighters are not permitted to face the media in case would be liable to punishment. U.S army severely attack not for the ground assault but left no stone untorn in their attack U.S took martyr Abu Sayyaf- a Tunisian citizen whom Washington believes was responsible assisting Islamic state financially and was involved in handling of foreign hostages. Attacks have been done in the Islamic states as a business and taken it for grant.

By information Abu Taym Al Saudi believe to oversee oil operation in the area and Abu Maryam worked against communication whose nationality was not declared. Abu Sayyaf’s two brothers were wounded with his wife who later on flown back to Iraq. By the help of insider spices whose name is being kept secret who stayed at a secret place as well.

Abu Sayyaf’s family stayed in a compound along with 1000 people in a four story building that building was made by government of Syria to accommodate for the purpose to operate the plant named Al – Omar gas and oil plant. So many killed at their house and their houses handed over to Islamic state fighters.

Earlier this month, Islamic state issued audio recording of Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi who invited the Muslim Uma to join war against Syria and Iraq. Abu Sayyaf was out of the picture.

They are so stiff in their belief that they are ready to be martyr and they even changed the policy to recruit and have started taking new measure. The spices are generally executed in public with videos as to give everybody lesson. Communication is being controlled the war techniques of fighters is now effectively on the way and apprehending the enemies efficiently and more quietly.

They started catching their enemies regularly and have started evacuating their place more quietly and this time they were successful and if we look at ourselves than we are on the way towards the way of Jihad because we are Jihadi from the our birth.

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