How Adriana Lima maintains her sexy figure

Adriana Lima has a sexiest body and this is considered a fact.The recently singled model exposed her endless legs and her sexy bikini body in a strappy tank top and capris. Her long legs were also clearly visible besides the toned figure.

How Adriana Lima maintains her sexy figure

There are rumors that Lima is having a romantic engagement with Scott Eastwood. The girl with the sexy body has split up her boyfriend who was also her fitness instructor.

However, the curvy model did not make it an excuse to stop visiting the gym. The reason behind Adriana Lima’s sexy body is that she is overtly focused on her workout regimen. She was also spotted going to the NYC sports center. She was completely clad in black from head to toe.

Lima was wearing capri pants that hugged her figure. The beautiful brunette also added some pizazz to her looks with a very trendy and sporty sports bra. This also added detail to the overly simply top that she was wearing.

There was only a flash of green color on the capris which matched with the green colored socks she was wearing. She was carrying a tote bag which had all the gym gear inside it.

The famous runway model had her locks tied behind in a ponytail. She had chosen to keep the makeup to the minimum which consisted of just a touch of blush and lip balm. There were round shades that covered her eyes. Jewelry of any kind was not on the cards so that the look could be simple, clean and sporty.

Covering her eyes with round shaded sunglasses, she shunned jewelry, keeping her sporty look simple and clean.The weather was pretty hot but the pretty model was having a black leather jacket in hand so that she could use it later in the afternoon when she had finished working out.

There are hot rumors circulating in Hollywood that Adriana Lima is having a new boyfriend. She was seen getting cozy with actor Scott Eastwood in NYC. The spokesperson of the model has simply denied the rumors stating that Clint Eastwood’s son had nothing to do with Lima.

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