Kim Kardashian Presents Killer Bikini Body

The famous actress has successfully shed of all the extra weight she had acquired during her pregnancy. Kim Kardashian displayed her killer bikini body after losing 70 pounds and skin tightening through laser therapy. She was seen on the beach with her children.

Kim Kardashian Presents Killer Bikini Body

Kim has worked very hard to achieve this killer bikini body after giving birth to second child. She has lost a lot of weight and carried out a treatment which is simply known as ‘non-surgical tummy tuck.’

Kim Kardashian showed off her killer bikini pictures on a day spent at the beach with her family including her daughter – three year old North, and her son – eight month old Saint.

The 35 year old star of TV show ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ looked fabulous in her bikini which chowed her slim and curvy body. She was wearing a nude two piece from the famous brand Acacia.

Kim had opted for a natural look and had pulled back her dark hair in a ponytail. There was only a little make-up that accentuated her beautiful features. Her daughter North was wearing the same bikini as her mother. This was also created for her by the same brand. She was holding her mother’s hand and was also seen building sandcastles over the beach.

Kim was spotted cuddling the children. Their father, famous rapper Kanye West was not seen around as mother and daughter introduced young Saint to the ocean and the joys of life at the beach.

Kim held her son Saint’s hands and helped him as took a few steps on the beach. Then, they stopped to have some fun playing at the edge of the water. Later, they headed towards the pool.

Despite having a killer bikini body, Kim Kardashian has announced that she still hasn’t achieved her state goal of 120 pounds tough she has shed off all the weight that she had gained during the previous pregnancy.

She revealed that she had gained 60 pounds during the pregnancy. Moreover, she had also added 10 pounds to her body during the past few years. It was time that she got rid of all that extra weight.

Kim has been taking the Atkins diet and also following a vigorous exercise regime. In fact, she hits the gym on a daily basis in order to maintain her killer bikini body. Kim has also gone through a laser skin tightening procedure.

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